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3 Gift Guides for Guys: Dad, Boyfriend + Brother

Hellooo and welcome back to another gift guide! Today I am sharing a gift guide each for Dads, Brothers, and Boyfriends, who are arguably three of the hardest people to shop for. I have my gifting down to a science when it comes to these three-- I have included so many gifts on these guides that I have personally gifted successfully in the past, so I think you will find them super helpful! Some of the gifts can be interchangeable between these three types of guys, but you're sure to find something gift-able here.


1. Leather Gloves

My dad wears leather gloves all throughout the winter, and after a while, I think it's nice to get him a new/extra pair! I love this pair and this pair, both are high-quality brands but under $100, and come in a few colors!

2. Ice Cube Molds

Both of my parents, my brother, and my boyfriend all have a variation of these ice cube molds, and they are truly the. best. My dad drinks Manhattans so he loves the big ice cube, but even my boyfriend just loves his for iced coffee! The whole point is to chill your drink without getting watered down... these huge ice cubes melt much slower than regular cubes! They are the best and so affordable. Would make an easy stocking stuffer or 

3. Wireless Charging Pad

I think this is a great idea, especially with WFH. All you have to do is set your phone down and it charges... it comes in five chic colors and can be monogrammed; the light blue, cream, and pink colors would be really cute for a gal, but I love the brown and black for a dad, brother, uncle, etc. (here is a super similar option under $25!)

4. Le Creuset Dutch Oven

Not sure why my dad wants a Le Creuset so bad considering I've never seen him put anything in an oven, but they are pretty chic so I'm not complaining

5. Personalized Leather Toiletry Bag

This is one of those gifts that would work for a dad, brother, or boyfriend! If he doesn't already have a nice toiletry bag, I love this one. It's Made in the USA, by a small business, and can be personalized!

6. iPad stand

I feel like Dads would think this is really cool... hahah.

7. Flannel PJ Pants

My dad loves pajamas. Anyone else? Just an easy, cute gift!

8. Personalized Embossed Leather Coasters

Something thoughtful that a dad wouldn't necessarily get themselves. Also a good idea for a Father-in-law or boyfriend's parents.

9. Lululemon Workout Shorts

My dad and brother both love Lulu shorts and pants. I got my dad these shorts for Christmas last year and at first he was underwhelmed, but I told him they would be a game-changer, and now he's hooked...

10. Personalized Leather Mousepad

Another great WFH gift idea!


1. Go Pro

These are kind of expensive and niche, but very cool, especially if your brother is into outdoor activities!

2. KJP Flannel

KJP is technically a small business, right? I think his USA-made products are of the highest quality and I love what the brand stands for. This flannel is soo cute. I also love the same shirt in this color combo-- so festive for the holidays and very cute.

3. Record Player

I got my brother a record player a few years ago for his birthday, and it's such a fun gift because for every holiday after (birthday, Christmas, etc.) you can just get him a new record!! Easy, and fun!

4. Wool Socks

I feel like this is something my mom would text me and be like, "get your brother new warm, cute socks... he needs them" LOL. You know what I mean?

5. Cozy Sweater

I love getting my brother clothes for Christmas, especially nice sweaters. They are something he would never buy himself, but wears a TON,

6. Recycled Ski Bottle Opener

How cool is this?! Would make for cool decor in a boy's apartment! And, like, it's practical... haha

7. Eclipse Telescope

Boys love toys and this is just pretty sweet. Telescopes can get pricey but this one has great reviews and it's under $100! I know it seems weird and random... but just think about it... brothers would LOVE THIS.

8. Keihl's Face Products

I feel like boys are surprisingly pretty into skincare...? Keihl's is a brand used and loved by quite a few of my guy friends and my brother!

9. Beer Making Kit

Ok, this is just really cool? They have an IPA version, Belgian Golden AleOktoberfest Ale, and a few more on the website!

10. YETI Beer Opener


11. Eno Hammock

I LOVE the ENO!! My brother and best friend both have one and I think they are SOO fun. If your brother doesn't already have one of these, do him a favor and get him one!!!


1. This. Shirt.

Kicking it off with a random shirt but this is so cute. I was making this gift guide the other day and showed my boyfriend this shirt and we were both just like... omg... it's so cute!

2. Air Fryer

My boyfriend loves to cook and LIVES for his air fryer. Hahaha. The one pictured above is a less expensive version but my boyfriend recommends this one, a double air fryer. Hahaha. Very legit.

3. Bluetooth Speaker

This is another good one for dad, boyfriend, or brother! If he doesn't have a Bluetooth speaker, a few of my friends have this exact one and it's great.

4. Cute Hat

Another small business, made in the USA product! This hat is adorable.

5. Allbirds Sneakers

I think almost every single one of my guy friends has a pair of Allbirds, and they are all really obsessed with them. They are just so comfortable and well-made, from what I've heard, and they are SO cute! Your boyfriend would love these if he doesn't already have a pair. They come in a wide variety of colors and different styles.

6. Daniel Wellington Watch

I gifted a DW watch a few years ago with very positive feedback, and also have one of my own. I have to say that they are truly well-made, timeless pieces at a very fair price point! I linked one style that I love for men, but if you browse their site I am sure you will find yourself hard-pressed to choose one favorite!

7. Theragun

My boyfriend has this and loves it! SO great for sore muscles. Would be a great gift idea if your boyfriend is into working out.

8. Slippers

Every guy would love a pair of nice slippers. This is another one that I have gifted in the past and they were very well-loved.

9. Pendleton Blanket

This Pendleton blanket is so chic and fabulous. Would be a very cute way to make your boyfriend's couch or bedding a little chicer.

10. Duffel

Love this duffel! I feel like most guys in college or recently out of college could really use a nice weekend bag like this. Here is an option that is a little less expensive, but I love it just as much.

11. Bar Cart

If your boyfriend has recently moved or is looking to spruce up his apartment, get him a bar cart!! My boyfriend and brother both have similar ones to this one (which is under $150!) and they love it.


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