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Fall Weekend Recap


This weekend went by quickly, but it was still really fun! Between dinner with girlfriends on Friday, a fall adventure on Saturday, and watching football + field hockey on TV on Sunday, it was both relaxing and full of activities. Does it get better than that?!

Let's start with the sweater pictured above. Thursday night I popped into Marshall's to return something and just sitting on a rack alone as I walked out was the cutest, coziest sweater, which you see pictured above. It's by Sincerely, Jules and I can't find it online, but this one is almost identical!

Friday night, Celia, Elizabeth, and I went to a cute Milwaukee restaurant, Easy Tyger, for ramen! Elizabeth and I had been there once before last summer and loved it. I am not a huge ramen person (never made it!) but when I have it in a restaurant it's so satisfying... especially when it's cold out and you're really hungry. Ceal and I also shared bao buns, which I always forget exist, but are one of my favorite, favorite foods. If you've never had them, you must try. 

Elizabeth ended up sleeping over on Friday so we got pumpkin coffees Saturday morning (duh), and took some cute photos at Lake Park... my fave. I wore a cute sherpa jacket from Alala but can't find a link (this one is suuuper similar tho!), my black Wrangler jeans that I thrifted last fall, and my trusty Veja's. Such an easy outfit for fall. 

My boyfriend drove in a bit later Saturday morning and we went to a pumpkin patch and then an apple farm in the afternoon with my mom! I was so excited to pick out a pink pumpkin and get my hands on apple cider donuts. It was pretty chill because it was raining a bit but we still had fun and I am honestly just glad I got to a pumpkin patch this year-- that never happened when I was at school! 

If you're in the Milwaukee area, we went to Jim's Pumpkin Farm + Rim's Edge Orchard. Both were great! Jim's was small-ish and adorable, with every kind of pumpkin you could want. I love that it is authentic, with an actual barn and nothing commercial or tacky. Rim's Edge was also fabulous... the apple cider donuts are SO, SO good and the orchard looked really pretty. The leaves out in Germantown are so much prettier than I expected. We didn't feel like picking apples from the orchard because of the weather, but we purchased a peck of the "strawberry apples" and they are insanely crisp and delish.

I wish I had some photos to share but I wasn't on my phone much. You'll just have to take my word for it :)

Sunday was a chill day. My boyfriend and I had a little coffee date and then watched field hockey and football. I missed watching field hockey games and was so happy to see it on TV! The girls talked a little bit about how grateful they are to play again despite COVID and it just warmed my heart and really took me back to my field hockey days... We watch the Boston College v Louisville game and this one girl made an insane shot during a short corner... it was honestly so impressive and made me miss when I used to be in the circle for our team's short corners. Aw, high school memories...

Totally random, but on Sunday night I got an Instagram ad for this bar charm bracelet and I really want it. I get a lot of very influential ads on Instagram but this one I haven't stopped thinking about... I just think this would pair perfectly with the everyday jewelry that I already wear!

So that was my weekend! I would love to hear about yours. Did you do anything fun?


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