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This Week's Top 10

1. Who watched the Presidential debate this week? I did, but I couldn't get through the whole thing... it was appalling and honestly, it just hurt my ears. This is a great article (in my opinion) from the New York Times (aka the most unbiased news source in journalism these days) that recaps the event.

(breaking news! President Trump and the First Lady just announced they tested positive for COVID)

2. On the topic of the election, I found this article to be really helpful when trying to determine the difference between facts and media baises surrounding this election. It provides a variety of resources and information to make you a more informed voter, and less of an "influenced" voter.

3. Wednesday night my mom and I watched The Glorias, which is available on Amazon Prime video here. I found it fascinating as I previously did not know much about the story of Gloria Steinem. Especially after Ruth Bader Ginsburg's recent passing, this was a great watch because it really highlights the power of women and how fortunate we are as women to have the rights we currently do... but also where there is still room for improvement.

Speaking of RBG, Jess shared this obituary written a friend of RBG. I am looking forward to reading it today.

Okay, that is more than enough political talk for me. Moving on!

4. Reese's is adding pretzels to their PB cups. If you know me, you know this going to be one of my highlights of 2020.

5. This week on the blog I shared...

Camel Sweaters under $100

My September Favorites

October Moodboard / Desktop Wallpaper

6. My friend Natalie also shared her October mood board and desktop wallpapers and I absolutely love them! 

7. I really can't get behind the shacket trend. I think they're cool and cute on girls who can pull them off, but they are not my style. However, this one and this pink plaid one are pretty cute. 

Although... I LOVE this jacket way more (the collar, I die)... and this one, too.

...and this is a cute option under $50. Okay, I'm done now.

8. Omg... I can't believe these sweater dresses (this one and this one) are from Amazon! Liz is wearing this one here and looks so cute in it, but it's sold out right now so I love this similar option.

9. This and this are both great everyday fall staples... I want more things like this.

10. I really want to get apple cider donuts this weekend! I found this recipe for making them at home that actually looks pretty doable... (pictured above!) maybe I'll buy a donut pan and just go for it at some point?!

Do you have any fun plans for the first weekend of OCTOBER?!


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