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Rosé Picnic: 9 Rosé Reviews + Recommendations

A week ago today, a few of my high school girlfriends and I decided to have a little picnic in the park and try a few different bottles of rosé! I've written a mini-review of each of them below, along with reviews of a handful of other rosés I've tried this summer! I have no expertise in wine reviews, so please take all of these with a grain of salt... haha. I simply based my thoughts on how much I enjoyed each bottle.

What I Wore...
the now-infamous pink top
my new cream denim from h&m
brought along my turkish blanket

love these picnic baskets...

What We Drank...

Capuchon rosé -- I loved this. Caroline brought it from her Winc box and we all really enjoyed this one. It's a little deeper red and tastes pretty juicy... we all said we got notes of cranberry, if that means anything to you, haha.  

Rue de Perle rosé -- I think one of the girls picked this out randomly and I honestly don't remember too much what we thought about. I think it was light and easy to drink but maybe slightly acidic? I remember we liked it decently.

trader joe's La Coqueluche rosé -- this is a really good option if you want a rosé for under $10. It's super dry and not too fruity or sweet, but to me there was nothing fabulous about it... for the price though ($5.99!), it's worth it. It also comes in a really cute bottle, so there's that! Quite a few of you actually responded to my IG story saying this is your fave rosé at Trader Joe's right now!

other rosés I've had recently and loved...

Côte des Roses Rosé -- I love this rosé. It is probably my go-to, all-around favorite if I had to choose. We drank this a few times in Rhode Island and it's just a perfect light, crisp, classic rosé at a reasonable price point.

AIX -- My uncle who owns/is the head chef of a restaurant in Connecticut (elm if you've been there!) ordered this for us when we were in Rhode Island and I loved it. It was crisp and delicious. I think this is a good option if you want something that's a tried-and-true crowd-pleaser.

Maison Fortant Languedoc -- I picked this up at the grocery store recently because it is the CUTEST bottle and it was on sale. I really liked it. It's super light, bright, with peachy/pear notes. 

Summer in a Bottle Rosé -- a classic! we drank this a lot in the Hamptons thanks to the rosé drive-thru. I think it's a great rosé but honestly, if it weren't for the bottle and the name, I personally don't think it's really that fabulous.

Summer Water -- omg... I did not care for this one at all. I brought this to EJ's lakehouse last weekend and none of us enjoyed it. It was so acidic to me I didn't even finish my glass... and if you know me, you know that never happens. I was actually quite disappointed (and surprised) because the bottle is so cute (lol, as if that has anything to do with the taste), I'd heard about it before, and the reviews are decent. 

Bieler Père et Fils Rosé -- Celia brought this to EJ's and we enjoyed it! Just an easy-to-drink, pick up at the grocery store, kinda rosé if you know what I mean? haha

My Top Five
1. Côte des Roses Rosé -- It's just a classic, light, crisp rosé in a pretty bottle at a nice price point
2. Capuchon Rosé -- A delicious, flavorful, juicy rosé in an aesthetically pleasing bottle, I'm just not sure if you can get it outside of Winc? If you can, let me know!
3. trader joe's La Coqueluche rosé -- I mean, it's $6? 
4. Maison Fortant Languedoc -- Bright and light. Fabulous bottle.
5. AIX -- Fabulous, I just think it's a bit more expensive?

What's your favorite rosé? I know I need to try Whispering Angel-- I can't believe I've never had it!


  1. Rose has become my go-to drink in the last year! Chateau de Michelle is one of the best that I have had. Along with that Kathy Lee Gifford's 'Gifft' rose is amazing (flat and sparkling..both amazing!) and you can never go wrong with Lisa Van der Pump's rose either! Oh! The Barefoot bubbly rose is really good when you want to be on a budget (I don't live near a Trader Joe's lol) I have not had any of these that you have recommended so I will for sure be adding them to my list! Gosh, I could talk about this all day....xoxo


    1. omg! i've never tried any of those! i have heard of Lisa Van Der Pump's but not of the others... i will have to keep an eye out for them next time!

      xo, fran

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