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Rhode Island Recap

I've been trying to think about how I want to recap my trip on here... some of my favorite blog posts to write are travel recaps where I share the photos I took and the things I did while traveling, but that doesn't feel very appropriate right now. As I mentioned in this personal blog post a couple of weeks ago, this wasn't really a "vacation" just for fun. There was a lot of intention that went into it, and everything we did was really about spending quality time together as a family. However, I did take some cute photos along the way, and I feel like there is nothing wrong with sharing those along with the highlights of how we filled our days.

Today I am going to recap the first week of my trip, which was spent mostly in Rhode Island. Tomorrow I'll be back with a recap of weeks two and three, which were spent in the Hamptons!

Sunday, June 21: 
My dad, brother, and I celebrated Father's Day with lobster rolls and rosé at lunch al fresco! We were actually in Boston because flights were easier than flying to Providence, but we just stayed about 24 hours. I wore this top.

Monday, June 22: 
The three of us made our family recipe for homemade spaghetti and meatballs for my gramma for dinner and then drove out to the Warwick Country Club to play catch and watch the sunset... it was the perfect evening. I shared a video of it here.

Tuesday, June 23: 
Adrian and I took our gramma to Newport for lunch! We sat on the wharf, had lobster rolls, and just enjoyed being back in Newport for an afternoon; it had been a while!

Wednesday, June 24: 
Beach day in Narragansett! We had lunch at Iggy's (a Rhode Island classic) and dinner at Spain (the paella was incredible).

Thursday, June 25: 
This was the day of the party. My dad and gramma picked up Adrian and I from our hotel in Narragansett (we stayed at the Ocean Rose Inn and it was fabulous. So cute and across from the beach in the heart of Narragansett -- we booked it the night before we decided to stay there and it was wonderful.), and then we ventured to Westerly, RI because our party was at the Weekapaug Inn. 

We spent the morning at East Beach, which is situated right in between Taylor Swift's house and Ocean House RI... not only did that make for a great view on both sides, but the water at this tiny beach was clearer than I'd ever seen, and the waves were massive. It was incredible.

We had lunch at the Weekapaug before getting ready for the party and having a night there. It was really fun... it was technically my and my cousin's graduation party, so there was quite a bit of champagne involved. I wore this dress from RTR with these espadrilles!

Friday, June 26: 
Most of our family had to head back home on Friday, but my dad, brother, and I went along with my aunt, uncle, and cousin to our house in the Hamptons. We took the Ferry which made for an easy (and much quicker!) trip down. 

Part two with the details of our time in the Hamptons will be up tomorrow!


  1. So gorgeous, the East coast beaches are my favorite! I loved following your trip on Insta. Also, you and your dad look so alike!!

    1. they are my favorite beaches, too! haha, thank you!! and thanks for following along <3


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