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Hamptons Photos, What we did + What we ate

Hi! I'm back today with part two of my recap of my recent trip out East with my family. If you missed yesterday's post where I shared my Rhode Island/week one recap, you can find it here! This edition of the recap is going to be a little less structured... we spent about 10 days at our family house in the Hamptons, and the majority of time was just spent hanging by the pool. That said, the days kind of blurred together and I don't feel it makes sense to describe the day-by-day like I did in yesterday's post. However, I'm excited to share lots of photos and general highlights of our time!

What we did...
Montauk // My dad, cousin, and I drove out to Montauk one afternoon for fun. We toured the lighthouse, had lunch (yes, more lobster rolls), and just enjoyed how beautiful the drive is out to The End!

Shopping in Easthampton // My favorite Hampton to shop in is probably Easthampton. The Aerin store and Ralph Lauren house are my favorites... they are just so pleasing and adorable. I got my second Aerin bracelet on this trip which I talked about in my IGTV that I posted while I was there!

Wolffer Rosé Drive-Thru // Wolffer Estate is the winery in the Hamptons that makes the infamous Summer in a Bottle rosé, and their Rosé drive-thru is perfectly pandemic-appropriate with the curbside/no contact service. We stopped by, didn't even have to get out of the car, and it was so adorable! I absolutely loved having some of my fave rosé to sip on by the pool. My aunt actually prefers their Summer in a Bottle white wine, and I found that delicious as well.

Sunset Watching // The sunsets were really cool last week. There was apparently some cloud thing (?) happening in the middle east (?) that made the sunsets cooler? I have no idea what I'm talking about but it really did make for some fabulous sunsets at night. You guys knowww how I love a sunset walk!

What we ate...
Shinnecock Lobster Factory // This shack on the side of the road knows how to do a mean lobster roll. They have five different options and I tried a bite of at least three of them when we all ordered takeout one day for lunch... they might just be my new fave spot in the area for a lobster roll. If you find yourself around Hampton Bays, you must go!

Cowfish // They infuse their tequila with peppers to make a homemade spicy marg.... super spicy (which I love) and absolutely delish. My dad and I biked here one night because it's close to the house, and it is absolutely a beautiful restaurant. The garden outside is just so pretty and it sits right on the water.

Rumba // This is Cowish's sister restaurant! Killer fish tacos and key lime pie. We ordered takeout from here one night.

At Home // There are a million little farm stands on the sides of the roads in the Hamptons, so we stopped a few times for tomatoes and berries, among other things. I ate fresh berries for breakfast most mornings and it is insane the difference you can taste when you buy high quality, local, seasonal produce... so flavorful and delicious. We also made tomato salads most nights during happy hour with olive oil, balsamic, s+p, and it's such a summer favorite of mine.


For the most part, the week involved lots of relaxing, trying to get a tan, putting on cute outfits for IG pics, and drinking Sauvignon Blanc! My favorite things!!! ;)

oh, and how could I forget the family scrabble tournaments?! I won... every time ;)



  1. I love your photographs! Those sunsets look beautiful.

  2. What a chic trip, I loved following your trip to the Hamptons on IG! I'm so jealous of all the lobster rolls you got to devour �� Living vicariously through you!!

    1. thank you so much, jen!! i definitely go overboard with the lobster rolls when i'm there, hahah



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