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This Week's Top 10: BLM

1. This Week's Top 10 is dedicated to people of color and the Black Lives Matter movement. There simply is nothing more prevalent right now than learning how we can all educate and inform ourselves on how to be better, do better, and most importantly, support and stand with the black community.

2. I shared on my Instagram feed my favorite gals of color who I love following. Some are new-to-me accounts, others I've been following for a while, but nonetheless, all of these creators have fabulous feeds that are definitely worth checking out. I'd love to hear any of your favorite black content creators to follow! All about diversifying my feed.

3. I listened to this week's episode of Gals on the Go podcast (one of my faves) featuring Chloe Coriolan, who shared her experience as a woman of color and had a great conversation about covert/overt racism, microaggressions, and more. Highly recommend!

4. I shared seven books on my reading list by black female authors. Additionally, I've been seeing a lot of people reading this book right now, and Grace shared a great list of specifically anti-racist reads

5. There are so many books, movies, shows, documentaries, and podcasts to read/watch/listen to, but the one I've been hearing about the most is 13th on Netflix. Going to watch it ASAP!

6. Kat shared great resources on learning how to be an ally.

7. 115 places to donate and support BLM

8. Seven black-owned businesses to support, another great list by Grace, and more here!

9. This Google Doc is the most comprehensive list of resources I could find. (Found via Lemon Stripes)

10. Ultimately, Black Lives Matter. Support, educate, learn, and do your own research, but most importantly, just be a good human being and treat everyone equally, with love and respect.


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