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Small Space Decor: More Apartment Ideas

New quarantine activity alert! I've become addicted to watching YouTube videos of people apartment hunting in Manhattan and "shopping around" on Street Easy for apartments. It's not only entertaining, but it helps me get an idea of what I'm getting myself into when I move. I haven't heard any updates on my job (yet), so I am still planning on signing a lease in NYC around the first of September... of course, that could change at any moment, but that's the plan for now. Because this is my first job and apartment, I know I won't be living anywhere fancy, but I'm getting so excited about the impending move!

couch // coffee table // // coasters

One of the biggest things I want to splurge on when I start decorating my apartment is my bed. I really, really want a "fancy" bed. I have almost exclusively settled on this velvet tufted bed. It's just so pretty and feels very me. I think it would also be a great investment because I can't imagine a future home of mine where this wouldn't work perfectly as a guest room bed option.

I have no idea if this will be practical in the apartment I end up in, but those chic sconces definitely look cute styled in the collage! Ikea has a really similar option for a fraction of the price here.

I really think having a nice mirror makes a space look so elevated. I have felt frustrated in college not having a chic mirror selfie spot in my apartments, so finding a mirror I love will be important in my decorating decisions! Mirrors are also a great way to make a small space feel a bit bigger, so I want to find a mirror I truly love. I absolutely love West Elm's selection of floor mirrors, but they are definitely more expensive. This rounded corner gold mirror is a great deal on Amazon. This rectangular option is also a great deal, especially for how large it is!

Because I'll inevitably be living somewhere small, I'm thinking of creative ways to double-down on storage. For example, I am thinking of doing a dresser as my console got my TV. I saw someone do this in a YouTube video and I think it's a great idea. I think it's smart to incorporate more storage/drawers wherever you can in a small space! I love the idea of doing a low dresser/big console with drawers and setting the TV on top. This one from Ikea is an amazing deal, because it looks just like this option from CB2 for a fraction of the price.

Similarly, I'll likely have little room surrounding my bed area, so I will want to maximize my nightstand storage options. Maybe having some shelving near my bed would be a better idea than a classic nightstand, because I could add baskets to the bottom shelves with pajamas or small things, and then decor like books and candles up top. I really like this white and gold ladder option that you can secure to the wall, or this gold bookshelf!

I am seriously obsessed with this couch. I just think it's so chic and perfect. However, it probably isn't the most practical option... I just don't know if it would be the most comfortable? And it is a little bit of a splurge... so is the coffee table, but oh my gosh it's so chic!!

I am amazed at how great of a deal this gold bar cart is. You guys know how important cocktail hour is to me, and having a bar cart is very high on my priority list for this apartment ;) (I wrote a whole blog post on bar cart styling a few weeks ago here!)


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