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I Miss Newport... + Packing List

I'M SEEING THE ROLLING STONES TONIGHT! I am so insanely excited!! My dad and I are seeing the Stone tonight in Chicago because he got me tickets for Christmas... ahhh, I can't wait to share more! Anyways-- onto today's post:

Every summer I find myself succumbing to a seasonal longing for my favorite place in the world: Newport, Rhode Island. If you've been a longtime reader, you're probably no stranger to my Newport obsession! I have visited Newport almost every summer of my life, and my dad even lived there when I was in high school! I am half convinced I'll get married at the Chanler on the Cliff Walk, where I took my senior photos (that I'll never not be obsessed with, thus had to include in this post)... ugh, it's just the best place.

It's been a few years now since I've been back in Newport and it's starting to drive me crazy!! Since our family got our Hamptons house a few years ago we have been spending more time in New York and less time in Rhode Island, which I can't complain about, but it does make me miss Newport so much. I have a few thoughts about where I hope to end up after college next year and I have to say that Boston has been slowly creeping up on Chicago on my list of top cities as I think about where I want to be long term. I would love to live by the ocean, be closer to some of my family, and at least for a little while live in one of my favorite cities in America.

Unfortunately this summer I am missing our family trip to Newport due to my internship, so I made a little round up of my pieces that remind me of Newport, aka what I'd be packing if I were to join my Dad and brother in the city by the sea!

What's your favorite city? Can you relate to missing a certain spot in the summer?


  1. Newport is so dreamy. I went a few years ago during Water Fire in Providence. I loved watching the waves crash against the mansions.

    1. Soo dreamy! My dad loves the Water Fire show, but I've never been. Definitely on my list!


  2. I visited Newport two years ago. I miss it.

  3. You remind me of my daughter she fell in love with Newport on our first visit, my son was stationed at the Navy Base. She visited every time could. Turns out her husband is born and raised in Newport and she now has a permanent connection to the place she loves and gets to visit often. Never know the same may happen to you.


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