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This Week's Top 10

1. Happy Saturday! There's no game this weekend (this is a good thing-- I needed a break!), so I'm reporting live from my apartment with my morning coffee to deliver This Week's Top 10.. enjoy!

4. Earlier this week my roommates and I made this pumpkin chocolate chip bar recipe, and they were so. good. Next up I want to try this recipe for pumpkin breakfast muffins. Yum!

5. Have you thought about what you're dressing up as for Halloween yet? I can't think of any good ideas, so I need your help!! 

6. Currently loving under $100: this sweater, this sweater, and these layered necklaces. Ugh... that aesthetic, though!

7. 18 Classic Fall Movies -- I need to watch a few before the season ends!

8. I ordered this going out top and wore it on Thursday and I love it! It's a little out of my comfort zone but with a cute bralette and high-waisted jeans I loved how my outfit turned out.

9. Also excited about this skirt I ordered for going out too.

10. I need a new candle for fall! What's your favorite fall scented candle?


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  1. I think my roommates and I are doing the disney channel games for Halloween lol. It should be easy to pull off!


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