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Shopbop Sale: What I Purchased + My Wishlist

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Okay, I know when Shopbop sales happen that so many bloggers are sharing wishlists, guides, and ideas of what to buy to the point of annoyance. I will be the first to admit that purchasing extremely expensive pieces just for 20% off (or 25% if you spend over $500) isn't something that is within my college budget. However, it really is the perfect time to make a purchase if there's something you've had your eye on-- scoring 20% off a pricier item makes a bigger impact than 20% off at a lower-end store, obviously! I actually did shop this sale this time around, and that's why I wanted to share a post supporting it. This is just a very honest sharing of what I bought and what I wish I could also purchase because I have been coveting some things for a while now, and the sale just happened to come at a perfect time for me. I also have a special itch to shop when the seasons change, and I know a lot of you probably do, too! That's my little disclaimer. Let's get onto the fun stuff!

After sharing my fall wishlist, my roommates all convinced me that I needed these Doc Marten's. I know these boots aren't everyone's style, and admittedly, I used to be far from a fan of the brand's boots. This pair, though... the "Molly," just feel so much more me than the classic boots because of the patent leather, platform, and satin bows. I mean... bows. I had to!

Okay, and then I also picked up this cute 5-pack of velvet scrunchies because, why not? I have been loving scrunchies lately to put in my hair at night when I'm just hanging out at home because they don't give my hair a kink and they're also just so cute.


1. I've been obsessed with this ring for months now

2. Obsessed with this sherpa jacket! I have something really similar in pink (ft. in this outfit post)

3. The Doc Marten's Molly boots I purchased

4. I have these jeans and wear them literally almost every single day to classes

5. The velvet scrunchies I purchased

6. This blazer is under $90 (before the discount!) and I could really use something like this for interviews/business casual presentations, etc.

7. These under $40 earrings are so cute for fall

8. I love jackets like this one for going out at school when it gets cold

9. My gold pendant necklace is one of my favorite accessories I own

10. This parka is not only so perfectly priced, but the silhouette and fur hood make it so stylish!

12. One of my roommates has these leggings and I think they're so cute! They're the perfect pair of leggings to wear to class because they're high rise, comfortable, and cuter than a plain black pair.

The sale ends Saturday, so if you've been convinced to splurge a little, then run, don't walk over to Shopbop now.

Have you shopped the sale at all? I would love to know what you picked up!

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