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What To Wear To a Summer Internship (Under $100!)

I started my internship for the summer exactly a week ago, and the dress code is much more strict than I experienced last year! Last summer I interned at my high school and built a new website for the school and managed/planned a lot of the social media content throughout the summer months. I really loved the projects I worked on; it was exciting to manage such a big project on my own, use a little bit of my coding skills, and make content plans. This summer, I have accepted a communications internship at a Fortune 500 company just outside of Milwaukee, and the structure is a little more composed than last year's casual, comfortable environment.

When it comes to getting dressed for internships, I shared the majority of what I wore to work last year in this post. Lots of skirts and dresses, but for the most part, pretty casual. This summer I have worn similar business casual outfits, but there is a strict no denim rule and I have to admit my chambray Madewell dress and white jeans were staples in my outfit selection last year. I want to expand my options to dress up a little more, so here are a few pieces I'd love to add to my business wardrobe: (they're all under $100!)

black jumpsuit // white shirtdress // olive shirtdress
chambray dress (I couldn't wear this because of the denim rule, but I still think it's a cute and appropriate option that you might wear with a sweater over if you can!) // olive jumpsuit
navy button-down // puff-sleeve button-down // olive short-sleeve shirt // bow sleeve top
striped skirt // tweed skirt // gingham skirt (love!) // olive skirt (comes in four colors)
blue chinos // navy pants // pink pants // gingham pants // pink linen pants

It's always really cold in my office (I have my own cubicle! WOO!) so I'd love to pick up this cardigan in a few colors, too.

What do you wear to your summer job? Where are you working this summer?


  1. Love this post Fran! I have an internship this summer and dressing up for it daily is so fun! Such a great way to start building a "real world" wardrobe!!! I have those gingham pants and am so shocked how often I get use out of them!!!


  2. congrats!! I also have an internship in a frickin' freezing building (seriously three people in my office bay have space heaters on in the dead of summer) so I feel ya on these!

  3. Fran, congrats on your internship! I love the white Tuckernuck dress and the seersucker skirt from J.Crew. Thanks for sharing
    xx, Lauren |

  4. Great article! I love the information you have shared here. I also, prefer to wear skinny chino pants. These look fantastic.


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