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Weekend Recap

Weekends with no plans are the best weekends, and even more so in the summer. This weekend I wasn't sure what I would be up to, but I ended up doing some of my favorite things and enjoying the beautiful weather we had here in Wisconsin. From a 10 mile bike ride to dinner with friends to Strawberry Fest on Sunday, my weekend was filled with the perfect balance of fun activity and relaxation.

On Friday I woke up early to walk my dog and admire how beautiful the homes in my neighborhood look in the summer once everyone has their flowers planted, in bloom, and landscaping done.

On Friday's at my internship we get half-days, so instead of working from 8-4, we are all done at 12! I had a phone call to take at 1, so I stopped at Whole Foods for lunch which is dangerously close to  my high school (where I am interning). After, I took my phone call at a coffee shop, and then I went into my job from last summer because I love my people there (the wedding/stationery place! I just redesigned the Paper Envy website... check it out!). I came home and had dinner outside with my mom!

Jack and I went on a super long bike ride later on Friday night which was so nice... I wanted to do something to enjoy the beautiful weather. I love living downtown too because it's such an easy luxury to enjoy the lakefront.

On Saturday I had so much work to do for my online course that ended this weekend (thank goodness!!). I had breakfast and made the best green smoothie (recipe below) and then ventured to another coffee shop to get my homework, quiz, and project done for the course.

After I finished all of that homework and such, I came back home and relaxed for a while before going on a double date to one of my favorite Milwaukee restaurants with Jack and Elizabeth and her boyfriend (I have been mentioning E a lot lately... she's my best friend and roomie when we get to U of Wisconsin!) 

The restaurant is tapas style, so it was so much fun to order a ton of stuff and share it all! Afterwards.. omg, you guys, we waited for two hours at this new ice cream spot that does that scrape/roll thing. It was a painfully long wait and so not worth it, like I can't even tell you. You guys know how I feel about chocolate, ice cream, anything with sugar in it... and waiting two hours for this ice cream I would have rather just been in my bed doing nothing. Like, that was two hours of my life I will just never get back. Ugh, whatever... haha.

I guess at least it was unlimited toppings, right?! ;) 

On Sunday I woke up and made a fun update to this blog! You can now more easily shop my curated favorites, picks for guys, picks for apartment/dorm shopping, and my closet by navigating the shop pages in the sticky menu of my site.

I walked my dog, and then my mom and I went to church before heading to Strawberry Fest! This festival is a huge weekend-long strawberry-themed event in a town a little north of Milwaukee, and it's always so much fun to walk around and see the vendors and all of the interesting but kind of gross strawberry concoctions that people have come up with. I can vouch for the strawberry sangria, but something like strawberry fried cheesecake? No thank you. Wisconsin, sometimes you just need to calm down ;)

Omg... the tent below had the most beautiful set-up of all of the vendors, in my opinion. Not only were the art prints gorgeous, but I love the whole layout of the expose.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?

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  1. Ahhh! So many lovely images!! Strawberry fest sounds like it was a blast! Glad to hear you had a lovely weekend, girl! <3

    Shenga |


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