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This Week's Top 10

1. These suede lace-up sandals are amazing and currently on sale for under $100!

2. On the blog this week...

Small Space Decor because I'm officially going to University of Wisconsin and living in an apartment with my best friend!
Fourth of July pieces because we are less than two weeks away from the most patriotic day of the year.
My summer reading list because I am really trying to be more productive and read more. I'd love to hear your book recs!

3. Be on the lookout for this cute top that I'll be featuring here next week (just went on sale, too!).
4. Is this not the most beautiful birthday party you have. ever. seen?!

5. Speaking of decorating, this hotel... you guys. It's gorgeous!

6. I just discovered this blog, and I am obsessed with all of Liz's content.

7. Um, this is the cutest crossbody and it's just under $100!

9. Keep up with my Insta stories for tons of sneak peeks into my life! I have been updating it so much lately.

10. I don't really have plans this weekend, which is pretty nice because Summerfest starts on Wednesday and I will be going out a ton with friends once it starts! (For those who don't know, Summerfest is a huge music festical in Milwaukee and I usually go with my friends at night to see a bunch of different concerts. It's so much fun!)



  1. Fran, you always have the best weekly round ups!
    xo, Lauren

  2. Congrats on your college decision!! I'll have to look out for you when I visit my boyfriend next year!


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