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Weekend Recap

Hi everyone! I am happy to say that I handed in my research paper, took a test, and finished a few other assignments just yesterday. I thought I would finally feel like I had a little bit more time on my hands, but of course, with there being less than four weeks left of school, things are just go-go-go. Next Wednesday I have another exam, tonight I am photographing an event at school for almost five hours... the list never ends!

But, I still wanted to sit down and take time to share my Easter weekend recap, because I love doing these kinds of posts, and I hate going a whole week without new content on the blog! So without further adieu, let's get into it!

I left for New York City last Friday morning on the 8:30 bus. I got into the city around 10:30, went to the Sherry-Netherland where we were staying to drop off my bags, and headed back downtown to grab lunch with Sloane. A note about the Sherry-Netherland: my family and I could not recommend it more! It's definitely on the pricier side being a luxury hotel in an extremely ideal location (5th and 59th, across the street from the Plaza, Central Park, Bergdorf's, and a bunch of other amazing spots in the heart of the Upper East Side), but we really found it convenient for a weekend's stay. We stayed in a suite on the 8th floor that had giant rooms and a beautiful view.

After dropping my bags, I made my way downtown to meet Sloane at the Butcher's Daughter where we enjoyed vegan mac & cheese (amazing) and I had the Veg sandwich. The atmosphere is incredible... so aesthetically pleasing, especially the waiter's shirt's that side "time for mimosas" and "more avocado please". Relatable, am I right?! The weather was amazing and I was melting outside in jeans... the forecast definitely didn't warn me for that!

After snapping a few pictures and popping into a couple vintage shops, I had to head back to the hotel to meet my family as they were arriving. We all got settled in the hotel and then went to the Plaza for afternoon tea. Tea at the Plaza is one of my favorite things, but I have to admit it was so much better a couple years ago before they did all of the renovations in the Palm Court. (They added a bar and took out the piano player at the baby grand, and to me it just lost so much charm!).

We continued the afternoon by popping into Bergdorfs, and then relaxing at the hotel for a couple hours. Everyone was exhausted seeing it was a Friday afternoon, but we wanted to make the most of our time together, and found ourselves making our way to Barney's for dinner. The dinner was outstanding at Fred's on the top floor of Barney's, and the rest of the evening I spent with my aunts doing a little bar-hopping and hanging out!

My godmother! My dad has three sisters, one in the Upper East Side, one on Long Island, and one in Boston (pictured above). 

Saturday morning my aunt and I went on a walk through Central Park with my grandmother while my younger cousin's got mani-pedis. We were celebrating my youngest cousin's birthday that Saturday, and she was such a cutie all day long! We followed their spa outing at Felice for brunch before heading out of town. Of course, I had to have the avocado toast with poached eggs and a side of berries.

We also picked up beautiful flowers (lilac! ranunculus! tulips!) on our way out of the city to my aunt's house on Long Island. The rest of Saturday was super lowkey and honestly, it was kind of nice to just hang out after a crazy week of exams and a busy Friday in the city. We all watched Eloise together and colored eggs!

Sunday was Easter, and we started the day with a beautiful mass. We continued by celebrating my cousin's birthday more with cake and gifts! I gave her my Nikon D3100 for her birthday because she had been all over it at my graduation party last May, and it was so cute to hand it down to her. (Not going to lie, upgrading to the D3400 wasn't bad either :)

Sunday afternoon we went to our family friend's house to celebrate Greek Easter. You guys, this was an experience in and of itself. I witnessed a live parrot, an over-the-top Greek house filled with enthusiastic people and personalities, and more food than you can imagine. The desserts were by far my favorite part... after giving up sweets for Lent, I was so excited about the homemade greek yogurt with spun honey and walnuts, homemade rice pudding, cookies, cakes, you name it. 

The Greeks color their eggs in a really deep red because it symbolizes the blood of Jesus!

Sunday night I returned to school and finished off the weekend, of course, by doing some homework on the bus. It was such a fun weekend to say the least and I can't wait to be back on Long Island and in the Hamptons in a few weeks when school is out before I head back home!


  1. The pictures are amazing! I love the pictures of you and Sloane.

  2. I didn't know you were greek! I am too! Hope you had an amazing Easter and the rest of your semester goes well!

  3. What a fun weekend! I went to the Plaza for tea last spring break and it was so much fun- loved seeing your pictures from it!



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