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This Week's Top 10

1. J. Crew's new arrivals are so good. I need this top, this whole outfit, and this top. It's starting to become scary how much my wardrobe revolves around blues and whites and combinations of the two. I didn't realize how out of hand the obsession had gotten until I ventured to New York and realized every outfit I packed had some sort of blue or stripes in it.

2. Speaking of New York... I shared my weekend recap on the blog yesterday 

3. .MANGO is also killing it with the new arrivals. I love this skirt and these satin espadrilles that are both under $40.

4. And more shoes: these scalloped flats are on my wish-list right now.

5. Freshly sent me a few meals in the mail yesterday and I am so excited to try them. Have any of you tried out Freshly before? (Use code nocook639 for $20 off a 6 meal plan!)

6. Jack just got me this Patagonia (and monogrammed! Love him!) and it's seriously so comfortable that I never want to take it off. I posted about the other Patagonia he got me for Christmas, but this one is more plush and cozy.

7. Last night at the event I was photographing they served carrot cake for dessert, and I honestly didn't know I was so in love with carrot cake until now. It's incredible. I love cream cheese frosting, and carrot cake is so much more moist and flavorful than regular cake. Wow. Here's a recipe to try! I WANT IT.

8. I CAN NOT STOP watching Thirteen Reasons Why!!! Is anyone else addicted?

9. I love this post on the importance of having a Sunday routine. For me, my Sunday routine involves sleeping in, heading to mass, workout out, and cranking out work for the week. (I'd like to say I do my laundry every Sunday, but that doesn't happen as often as it should...)

10. Tomorrow I am so excited to go out for brunch with my roomie... we both have pretty lowkey weekends ahead of us for once!


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  1. I love Patagonia's pullovers. The quilted Patagonia is awesome.


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