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30 Dresses Under $100

Hello, hello and HAPPY APRIL! I apologize for not getting a post up yesterday; I had two midterms back-to-back yesterday morning that I studied for all weekend (not kidding, nonstop studying is so necessary when you have two exams on the same day), but I think they went well :)

Can we also talk about how this year is flying by?! I, for one, couldn't be more excited to finally have some good spring weather. Moving from Wisconsin to Pennsylvania definitely didn't free me from snowy, cold winters, but I am lucky that I got to miss out on the tail end of winter still lurking in the Midwest....

That said, what better way to stock up on new spring wardrobe essentials than by picking up a few fun spring dresses and preparing for all the white we get to wear in the coming season! I wrote this post last spring on 10 white dresses under $100, this post over the summer all about shirt-dresses, and this post a few months ago on red dresses for the Alpha Phi red dress gala. Dress round-ups are some of my favorites, because no matter how hard I try to narrow down the list there are always so many good options sure to please everyone.

This spring, I have split it up into "spring dresses" and "white dresses," because you might be surprised how many times in your life you'll find yourself needing a good white dress, and a blog post dedicated to just that for help.

Shop the spring dresses using the widget here:

Shop the white dresses using the widget here:

Happy shopping!

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  1. The dresses are amazing. I especially love the white lace dress.


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