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Spring Break 2017 Shopping Guide

I am so excited about spring break this year. Because my spring break falls the week before my brother's, my dad is taking us on a mini ski weekend during the overlap, but I will be heading to Miami with my best friend for the week prior! I am so, so excited because I love traveling with friends, and I haven't been to Miami since freshman year of high school. It will be especially fun, too, because it'll be just the two of us, so we can lounge by the pool, hang out at the beach, or do as much shopping and exploring as we want to. I seriously can't wait!

I've already started looking into a few outfits that I'll want to pack for the trip, and I've made this fun Spring Break guide to share with all of you as well. I am thinking of making a "resort" tab at the top, which would be similar to the "shop" tab, but all vacation clothes/accessories. This way all of you can come here for vacation packing essentials and fun pieces... let me know if that's something you'd like!

Without further adieu...

Cover-ups + dresses


Shoes +Accessories

Do you have Spring Break plans? I would love to hear!! Also, if there are any Miami suggestions out there, I am all ears :)


  1. I'm obsessed with Marc Fisher's wedges.

  2. That sounds so fun Fran! Fingers crossed I'm going to Arizona for break instead of heading back to cold Chicago! Love all of your picks!

    Xo, Kate //

  3. I recommend going to Wynwood in Miami, you will definitely take the cutest pics there. The Perez Art museum is also really cool.
    -fellow Miamian

  4. I going to Naples, FL with my family! So excited for warm weather and relaxation. :)


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