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This Week's Top 10

1. Yesterday was a snow day at Lehigh! Wednesday was in the 60s and Thursday was a complete blizzard. The whole school looks so pretty; too bad I have been stuck in bed with the stomach flu!! Ugh, I don't know what's worse: the stomach flu, or when I had tonsillitis in December...

2. Even though everything sounds unappetizing right now, I still loved this article on the best brunch spot in every state,

3. Since I am missing my classes today (the flu...), I'm wondering if any of you have remedies? I haven't had an appetite, but I was able to drink a bottle of Kombucha yesterday.

4. I shared my favorite Christmas gift on the blog this week! Perfect for Valentine's Day, too. And you can check out my Valentine's Day gift guide here.

5. Speaking of Valentine's Day gifts... I picked up what I ordered for Jack from the mail center and completely lost it. I have been freaking out looking for it since I lost it on Tuesday... I retraced my steps and even called the mail center itself to see if anyone returned it. No such luck! I am so upset! I swear I can remember bringing it back to my dorm, so now I'm nervous that I threw it out... ugh. This is not my week.

6. The only thing that would make these few days in my bed more comfortable would be this pajama set, tbh. Or my mom #missher

7. Making a mental note that all of these bedrooms are gorgeous. (Future home, please!)

8.  At least the Alpha Phi date party is tomorrow night! It should be a ton of fun; I'm excited... Crossing my fingers that I feel better by then.

9. Oh, did I mention, I'm seeing the Red Hot Chili Peppers one week from today at Madison Square Garden!!!!!!! Literally can't contain my excitement.

10. Exactly one month until spring break! Are you heading anywhere?



  1. I want to go to all the brunch spots.

  2. I hate when I misplace things especially if it is something important. I hope you find the gift!
    Xo, Kelsey |


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