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Red Dresses

As a member of Alpha Phi, who's philanthropy is women's heart health, we celebrate an annual Red Dress Gala in February, because this month is Cardiac Awareness month! It's fun too, because it's Valentine's Day in just a week, and of course we are all thinking of love, our hearts, and the like at the same time. How convenient ;)

The Red Dress Gala for my chapter at Lehigh is coming up in a few weeks, and I've been on the hunt for the perfect red dress! If you're making any Valentine's Day plans yourself, or getting a head start on prom dresses, maybe you'll find this round-up of reds useful as well...

I'm not huge into red, but it's fun to have an opportunity to wear something different from my typical black, navy, or other neutral-colored dress for once! I'm especially loving that velvet option, which is on major sale right now! Shop all of the dresses below:


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  1. I love all the dresses. I just posted a round-up of my favorite Valentines' Day dresses. I included a huge section of red dresses.


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