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New Avocado Toast Recipe: Parsley + Feta

In honor of the avocado emoji coming into existence a few days ago (finally!!!) and the fact that I nee a little study break right now, what better time to share a new avocado toast recipe?! I made this version when I was in Dallas for Thanksgiving on my last morning for my dad and I to split after we went on a run. I used a few random ingredients that we had in the fridge from our Thanksgiving dinner, including pumpkin seeds, parsley, and feta. 

I had avocado toast a couple of times while I was in New York, and I loved my version almost just as much as one of them! However, for lunch the other day, my friends and I ventured to this really cool spot about 20 minutes away from school for smoothie bowls and avo toast, and that version definitely blew me away. But, without further adieu, here is my recipe:

Smashed avocado
Feta cheese crumbles
Salt + Pepper
Pumpkin seeds on top
Red pepper flake

Ugh, so good. I'm sitting here studying for my finals (tomorrow and Saturday and then I'm home!) eating an apple cider donut, so I really don't have much to complain about, but I definitely can't wait to cook again when I'm home, as usual, as well as make some healthier choices. #finalsproblems

What's your favorite kind of avo toast?! Good luck on finals for anyone still going strong! I feel ya!!

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