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FabFitFun + 2 Healthy Drinks to Try

Despite all of the gift guides out there, sometimes it can still be hard to find the perfect thing for someone who seems to have it all, or someone who is just super picky! So, when FabFitFun reached out about sending me a box of goodies, I was so excited to test it out! The service is pretty much a box that comes in the mail, which you can subscribe to and receive a few boxes per year, with full-size beauty, fitness, tech and lifestyle goodies. The boxes are seasonal and feature really cool brands. All of the products are full-sized too, which is so nice because no one wants to wind up with a bunch of mini things like usual! With the code "PREP", you can get $10 off a box.

I love this idea for the girl who is hard to please or tricky to shop for. You really can't go wrong :)

I personally love my box!! It came with tangerine lotion (similar), the cutest "cheers" stationery (so festive!) (l love all of this similar style stationery here), a candle that smells like Christmas (similar), and a mineral peel face cleanser. It also came with a Moleskin leather agenda which I am thinking of giving to my mom! I've heard Moleskin's are really nice and I think she'd put it to good use.

Another thing I wanted to share while we're on the topic of wellness a little bit, since I'm currently on antibiotics and steroids for Tonsillitis (ugh, I know!), I've been focusing on making sure I get enough probiotics in my diet to really get healthy as quickly as possible! Probiotics can be found in yogurt, so I've been having smoothies from this one place here at school, but I also discovered these two drinks at one our cafe's that I am in love with:

Kevita Lime Mint Coconut // Kombucha Gingerade

I've heard so many good things about Kombucha, and then when I saw the "Lime Mint Coconut" I just had to try it. They're both incredibly low in sugar (under 3 grams each!) and made from raw/vegan/paleo, clean and whole ingredients! The drinks are super refreshing and a little fizzy, so they're almost like a healthier soda. I am so obsessed... I want to stock up!! I wish school had more flavors of each of them because now I'm dying to try them all. The health benefits are just as an added bonus and I'm so excited I discovered them.

Have you ever heard of FabFitFun before or tried these drinks? Let me know if you're familiar and have other flavor suggestions!

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  1. Omg I absolutely LOVE kombucha! I drink it almost every day. It's definitely an acquired taste, but it's really good!

    Xo, Kate //


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