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Life Update: Finals Week + This Week's Top 10

Hi guys. If you follow me on twitter/snapchat, you might've seen that I went to Urgent Care yesterday. A little background, since senior year I've discovered that I have really poor circulation, meaning my feet fall asleep a lot and I get really uncomfortably cold very easily to the point where my lips and legs actually turn blue. So, Friday night, I went to dinner with my friends and I was so cold I couldn't stop shaking. I went back to my dorm and stood under the shower for like 45 minutes until I forced myself to get out and crawl into bed. By this point, I had such a horrible headache that I could only walk on my tiptoes because the pressure to put my feet down and take steps made my head pound. I crawled into my bed and fell asleep almost immediately. When I woke up about an hour later, I was so dizzy and my headache was still there. I also noticed that swallowing had become really painful and my ear ached. My neck was stiff and I felt like my head was going to explode.

Yesterday I couldn't really move or get out of bed until 2 PM, and I forced myself to get an Uber and go to Urgent care. I have tonsillitis and I'm on a Z Pack and Steroids now, which I'm actually really happy about because Z-Packs (pretty much a stronger antibiotic) work quickly and I have my hardest exam on Tuesday. 

I apologize for not posting Wednesday-Friday as I usually do. Finishing up my last week of classes and getting pretty sick on top of that was draining enough, and I struggled to find enough time to squeeze in everything I wanted to. I don't think it helped that I rarely go out, but I went out more than I usually do last week (I'm sure that also contributed to getting sick). However, I do still want to share this week's top 10 with you all... Read on!

1. The photo above was taken last week in Connecticut at the Daniel Packer Inne. I had lobster mac and cheese and loved every minute of the quaint and festively decorated restaurant on the harbor! Good food and time with my family celebrating my Grandma's 75th birthday was such a nice break from school before the last week of classes.

2. My annual cookie exchange is a week from today!!!! I can't wait! It's my favorite event of the year. (Read last year's recap HERE)

3. If you'll be attending any holiday parties as well, here are my top picks for festive and fabulous party shoes!

4. I can't stop pinning to my holiday board on Pinterest. Like, it's getting out of control and I'm obsessed with it.

5. I ordered these black jeans on Black Friday and I am so happy with them. Definitely my new favorite going-out pants, and the ideal style for ripped black jeans.

6. Gingerbread and peppermint at the holidays are two of of my favorite things. This recipe for healthier gingerbread cookies looks delicious, and last year I posted the easiest 3-ingredient peppermint bark/fudge recipe here.

7. This Marrakech Tavelguide is stunning. Seriously gave me some wanderlust!

8. I loved this super-festive holiday post on Gal Meet's Glam. Julia is one of my favorite bloggers; her style is incredible and her photos are always gorgeous.

9. Go see what's new in the holiday shop :)

10. My finals this week are Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday, and then I fly home Saturday night! I can't wait to be back at home with my mom and friends and then go to St Louis to see my family for Christmas.

Good luck to anyone else starting finals or continuing them this week! Study hard and best of luck!


  1. I hope you feel better soon! Good luck with the rest of your finals!!

  2. How do the black jeans fit?! I'm totally in love with them, but I haven't bought jeans from abercrombie in years so I'm a little hesitant to order them!


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