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Gift Guide: For Mom

If it's not obvious already, I love giving gifts. Admittedly, I'm pretty good at it too! Gift-giving is something I definitely pride myself on, because I always seem to find something for even the hardest people to shop for. In my own life, my mom is definitely one of those people. I have a really good grasp (usually) on what she likes, but she's the kind of person who will tell me over and over that she doesn't want anything, doesn't need anything, won't use x, y, or z. That's what makes things tricky!

 When it comes to shopping for my mom, your mom, and any and all of the mom's out there who give us the big gift of their love and pain old existence everyday, it's important to give them a present they'll get excited about! My mom loves to read, she loves to cook, she's crazy about yoga and pilates, and she loves to just chill around the house with me. So what's better than the hilarious Amy Schumer in biography form?! (She's one of my mom and my favorite's!) Or Chrissy Teigen's cookbook? A cashmere wrap and a candle for a lazy Sunday morning, a new pair of slippers or a yoga mat and matching tank... It's all below!

Amy Schumer book // Chrissy Teigen's cookbook, "Cravings" -- I've heard soo many good things!
plaid wine bags // rose bath oil // tortoiseshell catchall -- obsessed with this pretty little thing
gold strand necklace -- almost want it for myself! // "mom" necklace
yoga tank top -- my mom is a yoga/pilates fanatic and could never have enough tanks
s'well bottle -- the best out there! // ninja blender // fitbit


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  1. I have been loving every one of your gift guides this season!

  2. This is such a great gift guide! Love it!

  3. I really love the S'well water bottle. I've been seeing them all over the web lately. They'd make a perfect gift for my Mum.

    - Charmaine

  4. I have that Ninja blender & I love it-we use it all the time! It's a splurge item, but totally worth it in my opinion :)

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style


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