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Gift Guide: Guys

You might think I'm crazy when I say this, but I think guys are so easy to shop for. Unlike girls, where we are picky and particular, guys are so low-key. Get your brother, dad, boyfriend, best guy friend, cousin, or whomever something cozy and classic that he will actually get a little use out of, and your gift is golden. I've gathered up a few things below that are favorites among the guys in my life, so they're sure to be successful options for whoever you're shopping for. 

A few notes...

Patagonia 1/4 Zip // My boyfriend has this and wears it all the time!

Fair Isle Socks and Sweater // I got my brother this exact sweater a few years ago for Christmas, and I know it's one of his favorites. He also frequents fair isle socks and no guy can ever have enough of those.

Grizzly Fleece // Such a classic. Any guy would be lucky to have this, and you're definitely going to want to steal it. It's a win-win ;)

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Any gift suggestions for guys?

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