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How to Throw a Friendsgiving

I love Thanksgiving. Sometimes, I honestly think I might like it better than Christmas. There is a lot less stress, the entire focus is on food, and the whole spirit of the season is already here (not going to lie, I listened to Christmas music all weekend after it snowed Friday night). It's pretty much a win, win, win on all fronts!

Tomorrow night I will be celebrating Thanksgiving with my friends, aka part-taking in "Friendsgiving", before I leave for St. Louis on Wednesday to actually celebrate Thanksgiving this year with my mom's side of the family. Because it is senior year, my friend group is really funny and over the top in the sense that we now do a lot of fun, random, extravagant activities and we plan a lot more get togethers than we have before. 

Our "Friendsgiving" has already begun down it's treacherous path of what's going to be night of far too much food and laughter, but that's what it should be, am I right? The e-vite has been sent (I'm not kidding), and now it's time to plan the event! Here are a few of my suggestions for a fun friendsgiving...

Create a theme // It's unrealistic for a bunch of teenage girls to cook a turkey after school on a Tuesday afternoon. Thursday will include all of the classic Thanksgiving recipes we've been waiting around for all year, so it's probably best not to bother with something so complex anyways. My friend group is currently stuck between breakfast for dinner or making Thanksgiving a thing for the whole continent and doing Mexican food. So random, but it's a lot easier! Thoughts?

Assign what to bring // Telling ten girls to bring whatever they want would be a disaster. We would probably end up with a lot of brownies and chips and salsa, tbh. Try to stick to your theme, think of a balanced meal and include a main course, drinks, desserts, and side ideas and assign each person a specific treat to bring!

Make it memorable // Our idea is to dress up, have a little photoshoot, and then make "Christmas cards" from our friend group. I think besides just looking cute, it'll be so nice to have some pictures from the night and a little memorabilia to hang onto forever! We're also going to do superlative awards and "most likely to's" throughout the night. I'm excited ;)

Have you ever thrown a Friendsgiving?! Any suggestions??


  1. I think Mexican food sounds like such a fun idea! You could have fried ice cream for dessert (just vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce and frosted flakes on top, with cinnamon) and your photo shoot could have sombreros and a piƱata :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  2. Oh my gosh! Mexican food for Thanksgiving...yes!!
    xo, Syd

  3. I love these tips, I think I may need to have a Friendsgiving with my friends next year!



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