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Homecoming Recap

Homecoming on Saturday was amazing. It was bittersweet, like anything else senior year, but particularly special for a few reasons. My date this year happens to be the same date I took freshman year to homecoming, but now we are actually dating, so it's funny to look back on how things have changed over the course of three years! Also, at my school, seniors dress in theme to homecoming. Our theme was "superheroes vs. villains", but we all ended up doing more of a "dynamic duos" type of costume. Jack and I went as JFK and Marilyn Monroe and I loved how our outfits turned out! Also pictured: me and DeeDee (Dexter and DeeDee) and me and little red riding hood (her date went as the wolf, obviously!). It was really funny once we actually got to the dance to see all of the younger girls in their "real" dresses and all of the boys in suits... what once seemed like a huge deal to find the perfect homecoming dress actually doesn't really matter at all, all of the girls looked the same, I swear!

The night was incredibly memorable and I can not wait for the boy's homecoming this Saturday. Their theme is Star Wars, which is quite strange and I'm not exactly the biggest fan (#shocking), so if you have any suggestions for me, I'm thinking of dressing as Chewbacca... the hair thing really works for me if I just don't brush it ;)



I'm trying to work on being happy with what I have. There is so much in my life to be thankful for and I often find myself wishing away the current moments I'm in to think about things to come in the future. The important thing about life is to live it, and you can't do that if you're not in living in the moment and truly experiencing life as it hits you, and enjoying every minute of that.

Homecoming was this weekend and attending my last homecoming was one of those feelings that just hits you... a feeling of nostalgia and bittersweet excitement that seems to come to me all too often as it's senior year. There have been so many times already this school year when I've thought to myself how much I'm dreading college apps, or service hours, or field hockey practice, but the thing is... I should be grateful for each and every one of these experiences. Maybe I don't want to have to stay after school until 6:30 when field hockey ends everyday, but there are kids who would kill to play on a sport at school and just can't for a million and one different reasons. In fact, there are some kids out there who will never get to go to school in their whole life at all, and other kids that might never be able to physically play a sport.

Being grateful and appreciating each moment makes it feel so much more special, and truly makes you feel so much more grateful for the experiences and opportunities right in front of you each and every day.

Appreciate today.

This Week's Top 10

3. I teared up over Liz's wedding video.

4. What the cast of "Halloweentown" looks like today... Please tell me I'm not the only one who is entertained by this.

6. I need this hat for when it gets chilly.

7. See my round-up of healthy recipes for fall

9. The cutest shearling vest for such an amazing price

10. It's homecoming weekend for me! Senior year really makes things 10x more exciting.


Healthy Recipes to Try for Fall

Every fall and winter it seems to be unavoidable to go into hibernation mode and start eating a ton of food as fresh fruits and vegetables begin going out of season, and exercising less as being outdoors is a little too chilly. However, with fall also comes pumpkins and seeds and squash and tons of other yummy things that are so good for you, and delicious too! I spent way too much time on Pinterest yesterday, so I thought it would only be necessary to share a few of the delicious healthy recipes I discovered, perfect for fall!

Apple Pie Pancakes - I'm a huge pancake fan, so if there's a delicious way for me to get my fix without feeling guilty, I'm all for it, and these looks amazing.

Stuffed Peppers - With only 285 calories and 32 grams of protein in each serving, these peppers are an ideal choice for lunch or dinner that will fill you up! See my own stuffed pepper recipe here.

Tortilla Soup - This comfort food is perfect for fall and has less than 300 calories and almost 40 grams of protein. Honestly, a day full of this and Netflix would be amazing right now.

Pumpkin Pie Protein Smoothie - Any excuse to eat pumpkin pie for breakfast sounds good to me.

Zucchini Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread - Healthier versions of classic pumpkin bread are always nice to try, because you know the trusty recipe you've been using for years can always be improved!

Do you know any healthy fall recipes?

LBD + Booties

jacket // dress (similar- love the bow back) // boots (similar) // necklace // hair clip

Happy first day of fall! One of my most worn pieces in my closet is this little black dress. I've dressed it up and down in so many different ways for so many occasions whenever I seem to have "nothing to wear". Having a little black dress truly can be a lifesaver, and the fact that this one has a cool back and is made out of scuba material is so cool. Unfortunately, I bought it back in the beginning of summer, but you can shop other options I love below:


iPhone Cases I'm Loving

I've been dying to pick up a new phone case. With the season changing and my Lilly case getting dirtier everyday (I swear...), I've started to feel like it's really time for me to grab a new case. I've been trying to rotate through a few that I have but I really want something fun and new that I love to be the new protector for my trusty iPhone!

Which is your favorite? I think I like the marble diagonal option or the top row floral one best!

The Best of #NYFW

I love fashion week. I've never been, but I love the Instagram posts (no matter how many there are), the street style, the shows, the models, the hair and makeup... I love the whole process and energy that comes along with it. It's an exciting week even for someone who isn't at the events!

DVF // I think Diane Von Furstenberg is one of the most darling women alive. Not only is she an incredible influence on girls of all ages, but she is also so beyond fun in some of her Instagram posts that she shares. I loved her models the best and the beauty looks at her show.

House of Herrera // I loved the pretty pink hue's and flowy styles at this show. Such a pretty and feminine look that I'm sure will be incredible popular in the spring!

J. Crew // I loved how J. Crew kept to their usual eclectic but slightly preppy styles for their show. Their Instagram feed during the event also had quite a beautiful aesthetic.

Kate Spade // The Kate Spade presentation will always be something I look forward to at fashion weeks. The set-up is nothing short of charming and the styles never fail to please. Another fashion week, another round of applause for Kate Spade!

Tory Burch // Hands down my favorite of this fashion week. Not only was the Tory Burch Instagram beyond incredible, but blue and orange is one of my favorite color combinations, and no one can do it better than Tory Burch herself. Absolutely fabulously done.

What was your favorite show at fashion week this time around?

This Week's Top 10

1. This feature on Serena Hood (of British Vogue) is incredible. Made my week.

2. What sounds more delicious for fall than dirty chai muffins?!

3. I love this casual look on Caitlin.

4. You've definitely heard of Marysia Swim (think: scalloped bikinis)... Well, her home is just as gorgeous as her swim line.

8. Need Street Style inspiration? Look no further than The Sartorialist.

10. Happy Weekend! What are your plans?

Fall Style Inspiration

As you can probably tell, I seriously can't wait to start pulling out my fall clothes and adding a few things to my wardrobe. What are you lusting over for fall fashion? The fashion week posts are all killing me!


dress (only $15!) // sandals // bralette // bag // sunglasses
necklaces: small gold (similar); colorful beaded (similar); long pendant (similar) // cuff

This dress has recently become one of my favorite things in my closet for the upcoming fall season. I bought it on a whim a few weeks ago when I was in desperate need of a dress to wear to dinner one night and I'm seriously so glad I did. Not only is it an incredible deal, but it comes in 3 colors (bonus!), and it's so cozy and flattering. I layered it with some funky jewelry, which is a little out of my comfort zone, and then accessorized with my favorite neutral bag and sandals. 

Side note: I'm also really obsessed with barrettes from Urban Outfitters. I have a few of them and I think they're so cute and comfortable to add a pretty touch to any outfit. Seriously, add at least one to your wardrobe and I promise you too will be hooked. Or, do you already love them as much as I do and have a favorite style? Do share.


8 Sweaters You Need for Fall

Fall is my favorite season to dress for, because who doesn't love layers, chunky knits, boots, vests, and so much more?! However, this also means fall requires (seriously, it's super necessary ;) lots of shopping and wardrobe updating... I'm a total sweater fanatic; I swear I wear them all the time partly because I'm lazy and love oversized clothing, and also partly because I'm always cold. Shop below 8 sweaters you need for this season...

1 // A cable knit with a twist... (another cute option here) this one comes in five colors!

6 // Gingham


This Week's Top 10

1. As much as I love four day weeks (#labordayperks), this week felt never ending. TGIF!

3. I'm not the biggest fan of flannels but I love this option from Urban for fall.

4. Obsessed with this whole look that Julia shared.

5. J. Crew's fall line is nothing short of fabulous! I need this dress.

6. Did you see my fall bucket list?! I'm so excited for the leaves to start changing and fall to finally arrive.

10. I love these transitioning tips for styling your home for fall!


5 Tips to Improve Your Attitude

It's not too difficult to go back to school and start to feel swamped with papers and projects and overwhelmed with real things to do that don't include pool plans and ice cream runs like you'd probably been enjoying during the last few months of that thing called summer vacation. No worries, we've all been there, and it's easier than you think to turn your outlook on life around with just a few easy tips! 

1. Count to ten // For me, I know that sometimes being crabby can come in bursts. One little thing can set me off, and I'll let it get the best of me. But, don't let the little things ruin your day! If something happens, count to ten, take a deep breath, and shake it off. Think to yourself, this isn't a big deal, everything's fine, and put a smile on your face. You'll thank yourself after and feel a lot better.

2. Take time to wind down // If you're noticing a pattern of constantly feeling irritable or grouchy, maybe it's a sign you're overly stressed, or just plain old tired. I know how hard it can be to finish homework and sports and still get 8-9 hours of recommended sleep each night, so make sure to salvage the time you have and use it wisely! Put your phone away, enjoy a cup of tea and good book or a bubble bath, and wind down for a little bit before bed each night. If you sleep better, you'll feel better, and your mood will improve.

3. Do something good for someone else // You may think there's no better feeling than having someone surprise you with something nice, but imagine how good you'll make someone else feel with a random act of kindness! Write a friend a letter or pay it forward for someone's coffee at Starbucks. You can make someone's day whether they know it was you or not, and you'll feel good about yourself knowing you did something nice.

4. Get some exercise // We all remember the classic line from Legally Blonde, "Exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands." 

(Ring a bell??) Go for a run around the block, take your dog for a walk, or ask a friend to go on a bike ride with you. A little time to clear your mind and get some fresh air will help you feel a little more positive, for sure. If you're not really into leaving the comfort of your room or taking a hardcore cardio break, search YouTube for a relaxing yoga sequence to do for a few minutes on your floor!

5. Write down what you're thankful for // When all else fails, remind yourself how blessed you are and how grateful you should be. Your opportunities, your education, your home, friends, family, and the list goes on! Write down everything you're thankful for and read it over a few times. Why feel down when you have so much to lift you up?