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5 Tips to Improve Your Attitude

It's not too difficult to go back to school and start to feel swamped with papers and projects and overwhelmed with real things to do that don't include pool plans and ice cream runs like you'd probably been enjoying during the last few months of that thing called summer vacation. No worries, we've all been there, and it's easier than you think to turn your outlook on life around with just a few easy tips! 

1. Count to ten // For me, I know that sometimes being crabby can come in bursts. One little thing can set me off, and I'll let it get the best of me. But, don't let the little things ruin your day! If something happens, count to ten, take a deep breath, and shake it off. Think to yourself, this isn't a big deal, everything's fine, and put a smile on your face. You'll thank yourself after and feel a lot better.

2. Take time to wind down // If you're noticing a pattern of constantly feeling irritable or grouchy, maybe it's a sign you're overly stressed, or just plain old tired. I know how hard it can be to finish homework and sports and still get 8-9 hours of recommended sleep each night, so make sure to salvage the time you have and use it wisely! Put your phone away, enjoy a cup of tea and good book or a bubble bath, and wind down for a little bit before bed each night. If you sleep better, you'll feel better, and your mood will improve.

3. Do something good for someone else // You may think there's no better feeling than having someone surprise you with something nice, but imagine how good you'll make someone else feel with a random act of kindness! Write a friend a letter or pay it forward for someone's coffee at Starbucks. You can make someone's day whether they know it was you or not, and you'll feel good about yourself knowing you did something nice.

4. Get some exercise // We all remember the classic line from Legally Blonde, "Exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands." 

(Ring a bell??) Go for a run around the block, take your dog for a walk, or ask a friend to go on a bike ride with you. A little time to clear your mind and get some fresh air will help you feel a little more positive, for sure. If you're not really into leaving the comfort of your room or taking a hardcore cardio break, search YouTube for a relaxing yoga sequence to do for a few minutes on your floor!

5. Write down what you're thankful for // When all else fails, remind yourself how blessed you are and how grateful you should be. Your opportunities, your education, your home, friends, family, and the list goes on! Write down everything you're thankful for and read it over a few times. Why feel down when you have so much to lift you up?



  1. These are all great tips! Sometimes all it takes is for me to take a walk around my neighborhood and while I'm out I think about how grateful I am for everything-it really can turn your mood right around!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  2. I love these tips! I have found it so easy to be overwhelmed (especially since it's my junior year) and your tips will definitely be useful!



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