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Homecoming Recap

Homecoming on Saturday was amazing. It was bittersweet, like anything else senior year, but particularly special for a few reasons. My date this year happens to be the same date I took freshman year to homecoming, but now we are actually dating, so it's funny to look back on how things have changed over the course of three years! Also, at my school, seniors dress in theme to homecoming. Our theme was "superheroes vs. villains", but we all ended up doing more of a "dynamic duos" type of costume. Jack and I went as JFK and Marilyn Monroe and I loved how our outfits turned out! Also pictured: me and DeeDee (Dexter and DeeDee) and me and little red riding hood (her date went as the wolf, obviously!). It was really funny once we actually got to the dance to see all of the younger girls in their "real" dresses and all of the boys in suits... what once seemed like a huge deal to find the perfect homecoming dress actually doesn't really matter at all, all of the girls looked the same, I swear!

The night was incredibly memorable and I can not wait for the boy's homecoming this Saturday. Their theme is Star Wars, which is quite strange and I'm not exactly the biggest fan (#shocking), so if you have any suggestions for me, I'm thinking of dressing as Chewbacca... the hair thing really works for me if I just don't brush it ;)


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  1. Fran you looked so cute in all your pics & I'm obsessed with your shoes! That's so fun that you guys have a theme for your senior homecoming, I wish my school did that! Glad you had a great night!

    Xoxo, Kate //


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