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Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Room

This whole moving thing has gotten me into such a whirlwind of interior design fantasies and has left me itching to add a few fun pieces to my room to make it the best version possible. Some easy ways to make your desk sparkle? Add fun and bright accessories like a colorful stapler, a chic pencil cup, or practical-but-cute storage bins and a lamp. Want to make the whole room a little cozier? Add a rug, toss a cute pillow on your bed, hang your favorite quote on the wall and light up your favorite scent. There are so many easy ways to make your room a little more "you" without having to restyle the whole scene.



  1. These are all so cute! I've been wanting to change up my room a bit but I probably wouldn't do anything till I head off to college in two years!


  2. I HAVE to have that stapler... OMG I'm in love!



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