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This Week's Top 10

1. As you're reading this, I'm either dreading my layover in New York (although I really shouldn't be complaining), or landing in Rhode Island! I'm excited to spend the week with my dad's side of the family in my favorite place.

2. Soo, field hockey tryouts went well! I found out last night I made varsity! I cry every year (freshman and junior year were sad tears, sophomore and senior year have been happy tears) when I find out my team, and the coaches thought this time was too funny... I think it's just embarrassing for me :)

3. Wonderful post written by Sammy.

5. Warby Parker sunglasses at Nordstrom!!! I love this pair. (Under $100, too!)

7. I'm getting my senior photos done by the cliff walk on Monday... I have no idea what to wear. Suggestions!?

8. Omg... The cutest striped t-shirt dress and only $13!

9. We all want to eat cake for breakfast, right?! How about popsicles? I support it. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hope you have a great time in Rhode Island and congrats on making varsity!


  2. Aw, thanks for linking to my post, Fran! I'm glad it helped you!!! I know you are going to kill senior year!



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