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Christmas in the Air

OK, all of the Christmas posts are probably getting a little annoying by now, but how can you not help but love the season?! #DWCxmas is in full swing and I am so excited about our annual gift exchange, once again! 

My mom put up the decorations around our house earlier this week, and I can't wait until we get our tree (hopefully this weekend!) to finish it off! This cute little holly decoration wound up on my desk and I am loving the festive touch it adds.

My mom rotates our picture frames throughout our house for each season, and I think this one of me in (probably) third grade is so funny! Missing my front teeth, so typical.

Have you started decorating?

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  1. We put our tree up today! Hope you got to do the same this weekend. Love that your mom rotates seasonal photos - such a fun way to change up a living space.



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