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2014 Mashup + Links

Something I really look forward to each year is the mashup that Teen Vogue creates of all of the popular pop songs from throughout the year. I don't typically like each song on it's own, but the mashups are always so well done, and provide such a refreshing glimpse of each song!

You can read the full article and watch the video here. What do you think of the song? I'm absolutely obsessed- I had it on repeat while doing my homework last night!

A few other fun discoveries as of late...

Taylor Swift's new album is hand's down my new obsession. Ok, maybe the mashup is. TBH, I just really can't decide. I'm basically addicted to both. Oh, and I might be going to her concert in July in Chicago... Well, fingers crossed ;) You can purchase the album here!

Um, ok this is sort of random but if you know anything about me, it's probably that I'm a chocolate and peanut butter person. That's actually an extreme understatement, I'm an addict of sorts. Soooo, this recipe is calling my name and I'm totally dying to try it. Ha, speaking of food, last night I ate an entire bag of peppermint chocolate covered pretzels by myself. In one sitting. Please pray for me.

What's new with you? It's almost Friday!

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  1. Omg...that mashup is probably the best one yet! You have me obsessed with it now!


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