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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates! I hope you all have a wonderful day!

This morning we will be going to church and then having a big brunch at home.

happy easter

Although there is still snow on the ground here in dang Wisconsin, I would love to pretend I could wear this to church today. (If only I had left for Florida yesterday!)

How are you celebrating? What are you wearing?

Time For An Update

Hey hey y'all! Lately I've really been dying for a change in my room. It has looked the exact same since fourth grade and I'm really itching for an update!

Here are some of the random idea's that I have::
  1. I want to take everything that is on the "shelves" above my bed and switch it out with cute storage bins!
  2. I want to repaint the blue wall in my room pink so that it is pink and green :)
  3. I want to move around my desk and dresser
  4. I want to get rid of this one awkward orange chair....
  5. I want to hang vintage magazine covers above my desk.
  6. I would like some new bedding
Oh, vintage magazine covers! I'd be lying if I said that this wasn't how I found my inspiration...

I decided that if (or when...) I repaint my wall pink, that these three covers would make such an adorable trio:

What do you think? I would love to put them in simple frames above my desk!

Also, I really would love some new bedding. I have been on the hunt for what seems like forever, and I have bought three sets that just didn't do and got returned, but I really, really, like these sheets:

I would most definitely get them monogrammed in light pink to match my monogrammed pillow cases!

How cute would they be paired with this crisp coverlet from the Lilly home collection? So cute.

And I really like this chair...

Have you updated your room recently?

Current Obsessions

I'm headed to E's house in a few minutes, but I decided to share a few of my current loves quickly, because I can't really keep it in anymore.

I haven't bought anything in over 3 months, and I'm starting to go into shock. I have saved so much money for Florida, but I'm still dying to own all 6 of these beautiful items.

current loves

What are you currently loving? Have a great night!

Fashion Friday

navy + gold

Happy Friday!

Lilly Loves

Just a few of favorites on this lazy afternoon...

I think most of us have seen this by now, but oh my gosh, it is perfection! I'm obsessed with the seersucker, pink and green, bows, and scallops! This is definitely a winner!!! It is the Nina dress.

I am also really loving this "Mona" top. I love how laid back it looks because of the loose fit and subtle v-neck, but also how put together it is because of the peplum. It is simply adorable!

What are y'all loving today?

PS- My braces came off smoothly! 


I'm sure most of you noticed by now that my blog has received a lovely little face-lift and I am so proud of how it turned out! I also received a few kind tweets that just made my day!

{how sweet are they?!}

Also, I added a fun new aspect to my blog!! TADA...

I now have some super-adorable social media icons! I have been wanting to put these up for a while and I finally figured out how! It was surprisingly easy; let me know if y'all would like to see a tutorial!! (I downloaded them HERE for reference)

What do you think?

Old Navy Haul

Bonjour mes amies! On Sunday I went to Old Navy and I was pleasantly surprised with the plethora of adorable [and very J.Crew-ish looking] clothing that I saw!

Here is what I picked up...

{We also popped into TJ's where I picked up that polo and a not-shown pair of flats!}

Sports Bras // Sweater // Flats (not online- I caught them on sale!)

Seriously, it's like the factory of J.Crew Factory- it's that good!

JC vs. ON

(See what I mean? Only a few of the many!)

I think I snagged all 6 of these items for $85 which is a really great deal! We received a $30 off $75 purchase coupon for next time we shop and I'm really wanting to go back after spring break to see what I can find!

I can't even tell you how shocked/excited I am about this. Just the other day I was planning out my mission to rebuild my wardrobe and I think I have found a little something to help me out with that! Can you even believe that I am talking about Old Navy? I can't!

Have you shopped recently? If so, what did you pick up?

Spring Break Styling!

Hey everyone! Not going to lie, I am so excited to be sharing this post. I was itching to wear some of my spring break clothes yesterday, so I put together a few outfits for some real styling, compared to my Polyvore sets.

I chose three categories to style: Lilly skirts, norts, and white pants. I feel like these are three spring break essentials that aren't always the easiest to style, compared to Lilly dresses which you can just throw on, or J. Crew shorts, which match everything.

So, without further adieu, here are my outfits for y'all!

#1: Styling A Lilly Skirt

Lilly skirts in themselves are super cute and super fun pieces. When styling one, you want to make sure you pick a top that doesn't distract from the skirt, but is still cute enough to maintain the "cute factor" of the outfit! In the first picture, I am wearing a light pink Tommy Hilfiger polo. In the second picture, I am wearing the Lilly "Wynne" top in yellow.

 #2: Styling Norts

Every outfit you wear on spring break should be cute, even if it includes a pair of norts. I chose a pink and green pair and added a monogram t-shirt for a super comfy, yet still cute, outfit!

#3: Styling White Jeans

Ok, so maybe white jeans match with everything too, but I really wanted to share these two outfits. (Because I may or may not be obsessed with them...) I chose my Tory Burch tunic in the first picture, and my Lilly "Jonni" shirt in the second picture. I like these outfits so much because they look so crisp because of the white jeans, yet so fun because of the bright, patterned shirts!!

What will you be wearing over spring break? Or if you already went on break, what did you wear?

Review : CEA Monograms & Gifts

Hey everyone! Happy Saturday! I didn't have school yesterday because of "Auction Set-Up" for the parent auction tonight! (I left school on Thursday a little late and I saw some of the decorations, and it looks so good! The theme is Great Gatsby!!!) So, yesterday I spent my day shooting outfit posts (we managed to do 5) with eJm and I can't wait to share them all! Here is a peak at one of my hairstyles...

Anyways, yesterday I also recieved in the mail an adorable monogrammed t-shirt from the Etsy shop, CEA Monograms & Gifts!! Christina was kind enough to let me choose between a crew neck or a short-sleeve and I chose the short-sleeve!

Christina was kind enough to let me add an adorable anchor to my shirt, so typically, I would have gotten a navy shirt with a white anchor and pink monogram, but I decided to try something new, and....


I absolutely adore my shirt! I chose a light blue shirt with a bright pink anchor and silver monogram :)

Isn't it presh? I'm obsessed!

Fashion Friday!


Happy Friday!

This outfit just has me wishing for spring break... only 11 more days!!!

Outfit Post :: St. Patty's Day

Can you even believe it? After three Thursdays of no outfit posts, I've finally got another outfit to share! The reason for my outfit absence was that my photographer, eJm, has been away skiing and has missed a LOT of school. Therefore, when she is in town, she has had far too much schoolwork to catch up on for any free time. Now, she is finally back and more outfit posts should be on the way! These pictures were actually taken by my Dad though, because I really felt that an outfit post was in order!


Sweater - Ralph Lauren (similar)
Pants - J. Crew
Bag - Coach
Shoes - Coach

What did you wear on St. Patrick's Day?

PS - I took these pictures at my front door because I felt that the decoration was fitting, obviously :)


Hey readers!! I am loving a LOT of things this week so lets just hop on into it...

2. My Dad and I have been sharing his vintage Ray-Bans for the longest time and I recently "borrowed" (hehehe) them and so far he hasn't noticed that they are gone... Hello, new sunnies!

3. Spring break is only 12 days away!!!! And that means my braces are off in 8... ahhh!

4. Remember this blog post? I finally ordered "Lessons From Madame Chic"! I think is will be a great little beach read for Florida (and a cute addition to a stack of books)!

What are you loving?

Review & Coupon Code

Hey everyone! I was generously sent an adorable hot pink sparkly monogrammed Emi-Jay from the fabulous little Etsy shop, The Crafting Patch!

If you don't already know, Emi-Jay's are a type of hair tie that look a lot cuter than regular hair ties and don't leave a crease!

I love the colors that Katie chose for me. Seriously, the sparkly pink and navy is right up my alley!

At first, I had a little trouble getting it in my hair because I wanted to show both the monogram and the "tail" so as you can see, there are a few flyaways... oops! I bet once I get used to it, it will look better :)

Now, here's the exciting part for you! If you would like to treat yourself, a friend, or a family member, to some adorable hair ties from Katie's shop, be sure to enter the code "THEBLONDEPREP" at checkout for free shipping! Yay!!

What do you think of this hair tie?

Kate Spade New Arrivals

I am obsessed with the new arrivals from Kate Spade. Seriously, they are so cute.

Here are a few of my faves...

KSNY New Arrivals

Every single thing is adorable for and perfect for spring. I especially love that ring and that lovely striped dress!

Sorry for another short post, but what are your favorites from Kate Spade this season?

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patty's Day, y'all!

This holiday isn't really a "big deal" to me, but I still think it is fun nonetheless! Today I will most likely be donning these...

J.Crew pants

Also, because St. Patty's Day fell on Sunday this year, I am able to enjoy a fancy homemade chocolate dessert that my mom made to celebrate (I gave up chocolate for Lent)!

Lastly, I thought this was cute and "in the spirit" of the holiday :)

How are you going to celebrate?

J. Crew Flats

I'm really in need of a new, good, pair of flats. I love all of the styles that J. Crew has to offer, so I definitely am thinking about purchasing a pair when I come back from Florida (I'm saving all my money for the trip!)

Only one problem... Which color do I get?


I really love them all. I think I would get the most wear out of the navy or pink, but the other three are so fun. If I had to choose right this second I don't know what I would do! Help a girlfriend out!

What would you pick?

Giveaway Winner!

Hey ladies!! I am so excited to announce the winner of my giveaway! The lucky girl is....


Congratulations, Lydia! I have emailed you personally for you to claim your prize!

Thank you to everyone who entered, there will (hopefully!) be another giveaway coming soon!


So in yesterday's post I totally seemed like I just couldn't even function, and let's be honest, I couldn't. I seriously had so much homework Tuesday night and two tests yesterdays that I thought would be impossible... But they weren't! Yesterday was simply fabulous!

Let me just tell you about my day... I got to sleep in until 7, not 6:30. Although I was exhausted, I'm still really happy I got in that extra half an hour. Then, I had both of my tests and a French skit, all three of which I thought I was going to fill and I'm pretty sure I didn't! Then, after school, I went to the final day of tryouts. (I really wanted to do a spring sport so I ended up trying out for softball, because all of my friends were doing it and it's actually tons of fun!) I made the team!! All of my friends are on the team with me, and it is going to be a great season!!! After softball, my mom let me get People Style Watch and jellybeans, um, AMAZING!

So. Excited.


PS- I don't have school tomorrow and I will be heading to a Buck's basketball game tomorrow night with some friends, yay!

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Hey chicas! I'm so sorry for not posting for the past two days, but this is the last week of third quarter for me, so I am really trying to finish it off strong (my GPA has raised tremendously, yay!). It is an understatement to say that I am stressed after a few weeks of brutal schoolwork! Please bare with me as life is so hectic right now with school, tryouts, friends, field hockey, and behind-the-scenes blog work that I can not wait to share with you all!

This week I am loving this top... It's to-die-for!

The Perfect Top

What are you loving?

PS- The giveaway ends tonight! Don't forget to enter!

Leather Pouches

Has anyone else been obsessing over those cute little leather clutches/pouches? They seem to be really versatile... I want one!

The Leather Pouch

Aren't these all so fun? I feel like any one of them could add a little something extra to a plain outfit, or even be the perfect companion to an already schnazzy ensemble! I think I am especially loving the blue and the pink/orange. The monogrammed, however, does add a little bit of personalization!


Summer + Leather

Which is your favorite?