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Hey everyone! I was generously sent an adorable hot pink sparkly monogrammed Emi-Jay from the fabulous little Etsy shop, The Crafting Patch!

If you don't already know, Emi-Jay's are a type of hair tie that look a lot cuter than regular hair ties and don't leave a crease!

I love the colors that Katie chose for me. Seriously, the sparkly pink and navy is right up my alley!

At first, I had a little trouble getting it in my hair because I wanted to show both the monogram and the "tail" so as you can see, there are a few flyaways... oops! I bet once I get used to it, it will look better :)

Now, here's the exciting part for you! If you would like to treat yourself, a friend, or a family member, to some adorable hair ties from Katie's shop, be sure to enter the code "THEBLONDEPREP" at checkout for free shipping! Yay!!

What do you think of this hair tie?

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