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Outfit Post :: St. Patty's Day

Can you even believe it? After three Thursdays of no outfit posts, I've finally got another outfit to share! The reason for my outfit absence was that my photographer, eJm, has been away skiing and has missed a LOT of school. Therefore, when she is in town, she has had far too much schoolwork to catch up on for any free time. Now, she is finally back and more outfit posts should be on the way! These pictures were actually taken by my Dad though, because I really felt that an outfit post was in order!


Sweater - Ralph Lauren (similar)
Pants - J. Crew
Bag - Coach
Shoes - Coach

What did you wear on St. Patrick's Day?

PS - I took these pictures at my front door because I felt that the decoration was fitting, obviously :)


  1. Love those pants!


  2. Love,love,love it!! The bow is a great add to the outfit!


  3. The designer walked me through HOW to measure and even took off a few inches to assist with my height. I am 5'4", and 140#, they were spot on addressing all concerns!
    Kate Spade Diaper Bag


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