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Review : CEA Monograms & Gifts

Hey everyone! Happy Saturday! I didn't have school yesterday because of "Auction Set-Up" for the parent auction tonight! (I left school on Thursday a little late and I saw some of the decorations, and it looks so good! The theme is Great Gatsby!!!) So, yesterday I spent my day shooting outfit posts (we managed to do 5) with eJm and I can't wait to share them all! Here is a peak at one of my hairstyles...

Anyways, yesterday I also recieved in the mail an adorable monogrammed t-shirt from the Etsy shop, CEA Monograms & Gifts!! Christina was kind enough to let me choose between a crew neck or a short-sleeve and I chose the short-sleeve!

Christina was kind enough to let me add an adorable anchor to my shirt, so typically, I would have gotten a navy shirt with a white anchor and pink monogram, but I decided to try something new, and....


I absolutely adore my shirt! I chose a light blue shirt with a bright pink anchor and silver monogram :)

Isn't it presh? I'm obsessed!


  1. Love the new shirt!! Too cute! Can't wait to see the outfit blog posts!!


  2. Ah I was waiting for this post! Love the shirt :)


  3. FAR out y00000000000 #PREPORDIE


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