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Lilly Loves

Just a few of favorites on this lazy afternoon...

I think most of us have seen this by now, but oh my gosh, it is perfection! I'm obsessed with the seersucker, pink and green, bows, and scallops! This is definitely a winner!!! It is the Nina dress.

I am also really loving this "Mona" top. I love how laid back it looks because of the loose fit and subtle v-neck, but also how put together it is because of the peplum. It is simply adorable!

What are y'all loving today?

PS- My braces came off smoothly! 


  1. I'm going to Florida on Monday and I am hoping to find something cute at the Lilly store, too!

  2. I saw the Nina dress on Pinterest and instantly became obsessed!

  3. You look so cute without your braces! (I mean you looked super cute before but even more now!!)


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