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Every Book I Read in 2023, Ranked

Every Book I Read in 2023, Ranked - Fran Acciardo
photo from july 2023 at beacon hill bookstore in boston!

I've done this post the past two years and it's been such a hit! Although I didn't hit my reading goal this year, I still read 27 books and there were a few really, really great reads in there. I am going to try and get back on my reading game starting this week - reading before bed brings me a lot of peace and I haven't been great at it lately!

You can find my 2022 reading review here, and you can always follow me on Goodreads for regular updates on what I'm reading and past books I've read and loved!

5 Stars

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (#1) - starting the Harry Potter series was not on my bingo card for 2023, but now I'm obsessed.

The Rose Code - an absolutely incredible story about three women who worked in German Codebreaking during WWII and the impacts of their secretive work on the rest of their lives.

Dark Matter - I read The Midnight Library in 2022, and I did not like it... this one, however? Same concept, but a much better story in my opinion. I read it in one day (rare for me!) and loved it. The concept is essentially about how different decisions you make lead to completely different lives.

Meant to Be - a fictional story based on JFK Jr and Carolyn Bessette! Just loved this.

4.5 Stars

Far From the Tree - an amazing story of three biological siblings who were all separated into different families, and how they meet and form a relationship with one another after having very different upbringings.

I Could Live Here Forever - this book left me distraught for DAYS; a romance novel about a girl in a relationship with a heroin addict...

Lessons in Chemistry - this started off slow for me, but I ended up loving it. It's feminist-oriented, but not in an annoying way.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (#2) - Absolutely loved this one, but have to admit that the first book was better than the second book.

One True Loves - this was another one that left me with a big book hangover. Essentially, a woman's husband goes missing and is assumed dead, and years later, she is in a new relationship and gets engaged to another man. Only, the first husband was never actually dead and comes back... she has to pick between the men and it's sooo good.

The Soulmate Equation - I was randomly so obsessed with this one. Just a typical romance book, but a really, really good one.

Unstable - My friend Emma designed the cover for this book, so we read it for book club over the summer! It takes place in Newport, RI (a place near and dear to my heart), and it was a really cute, quick read.

The Housemaid - a thriller that I couldn't put down

4 Stars

The Unhoneymooners - I probably wouldn't have loved this so much if it hadn't completely cured my book hangover from I Could Live Here Forever. About a bride's sister and the groom's best man who have to go on the couple's honeymoon after a disaster at the wedding.

You With a View - such a cute romance novel; after the main character's grandmother dies, she goes and finds her grandmother's old lover from when she was her age, and they go on a road trip!

Carrie Soto is Back - I almost always give Taylor Jenkins Reid 4 stars!

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine - I remember laughing out loud at some of the things Eleanor did, and also being totally surprised at the ending.

Pineapple Street - this was a cute book club book about a wealthy family who lives on Pineapple Street in Brooklyn

Black Cake - when their mother dies and leaves a recording and a cake, these two siblings learn so much about her life that they never knew... including that they have another sibling.

The Dead Romantics - the main character falls in love with a ghost, lol. this was a cute fall/spooky season romance read

Meet Me at the Lake - a really cute summer romance novel

3 Stars

The Only Woman in the Room

My Year of Rest and Relaxation

Happy Place


2 Stars

The Cloisters

Funny You Should Ask


The Night Circus

What was the best book you read in 2023?



  1. I read a lot of the same books as you and had similar thoughts. Pineapple Street was one of my top books last year!

  2. I absolutely LOVED The Soulmate Equation- obsessed w/your taste!! <33


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