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2023 Recap & Highlights

2023 Recap & Highlights

Happy New Year! I wanted to do a proper recap of my 2023 - I do this post every single year and love the tradition. This past year was really one of my best yet... if not the best year of my life so far, and I want to recap it properly!

I feel so, so, so extremely grateful for the life I am living. After some tough years in high school, college, and post-grad, the good years feel extra sweet to me and I really just want to acknowledge that! It's not lost on me that I have so much to be thankful for; I am happy in my job, my relationship, my friendships, my health, my financial state, and everything else. I am so grateful to have so many wonderful friends in NYC, a job that I enjoy, funds my lifestyle, and lets me travel, as well as continue to maintain this blog and other social platforms. I am grateful for Joe, my family, my friends, all of their health, and all of the travel and opportunities in my life. I really have been so lucky and I feel so blessed.  

2023 just felt like the year where everything fell into place and things went really, really well. There were multiple times in 2023 when I just thought to myself, if my high school or even college self could see me now, she wouldn't believe it!

If I had to sum up the year in one word, I would be remiss not to say 2023 was the year of travel for me. I honestly don't think I will ever travel as much in a year as I did last year! I visited three other countries, two new states for me, and handfuls of cities. Let's just jump into the highlights, month by month!

2023 Recap & Highlights

Ski weekend in Vermont with some girlfriends!

2023 Recap & Highlights

First time to Colorado! Visited Telluride

2023 Recap & Highlights

My mom came to visit in NYC!

Fun little vacation to Palm Beach with my family

Attended the Lake Pajamas X Atlantic Pacific launch party in the city and got to meet some of my longtime favorite creators.

Shot my apartment for Tanika's NYC apartment series

2023 Recap & Highlights

Went back to Paris for the first time since high school for my bestie Katie's birthday over Easter weekend.

Upstate NY weekend for my little cousin's birthday! 

The third annual weekend celebrating my bestie Elizabeth's birthday in Chicago - and got to ride on my brother's motorcycle haha. Really fun weekend.

2023 Recap & Highlights

Saw Taylor Swift's Eras Tour in Nashville!!! My first time in Nashville, too! Incredible. 

Joe and I went on our first trip together - our big trip to Italy!!! We had an amazing time in Rome, Cinque Terre, and Florence.

2023 Recap & Highlights

My first trip to Nantucket!!! with 8 of my girlfriends - best weekend. ever. (ignoring the part where we got stuck there)

2023 Recap & Highlights

Celebrated Joe's birthday and played 18 holes of golf - for the first time! - in Dallas

Fun girls' weekend in Boston with some of my social media besties!

2023 Recap & Highlights

Saw Mt. Joy in Central Park

Turned 25 over a fabulous weekend in the Hamptons with my family, and then saw the Red Sox / Yankees game at Yankee Stadium on my birthday!

Boat party in NYC with friends!

2023 Recap & Highlights

Visited my mom in North Carolina

Worked with J.Crew (a dream!!!) for the first time over Fashion Week

Visited my besties in Chicago

Celebrated my mom's 60th birthday in Spain!

Attended my friend Taylor's incredible wedding

Saw the NYC ballet again!

2023 Recap & Highlights

Re-watched all of the Hunger Games movies!!

Participated in this shoot for my friend Wells' scarves!

My dad, aunt, and I had a really fun dinner in Staten Island - my first time over there!

My friend Lea invited me to a picnic in Central Park!

2nd annual Halloween weekend at my aunt's

2023 Recap & Highlights

Watched my friend Morgan run the NYC Marathon!

My friend Emma helped me redesign my site and created the most perfect logos for me!

Had an amazing Friendsgiving with all of my girlies in NYC

Saw my dad's new house in Palm Beach / spent Thanksgiving in Florida! Ran the turkey trot with my dad

2023 Recap & Highlights

Some friends hosted a second annual holiday party!

Elizabeth came to visit me in NYC!

Joe and I had our third annual broadway day and saw Wicked - it was amazing

Spent the holidays in St. Louis with my mom's side of the family

Went to the Cotton Bowl in Dallas - and Mizzou won! (where Joe went to school!)

Moved Joe out of his apartment in Dallas - can't wait to move in together next month in NYC!


So grateful for all of the fun memories and blessings in 2023. So excited to see what 2024 has in store!


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  1. I also go to Telluride!! Such a pretty place!


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