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Friday Faves: Skincare, Fur Coats, and Wellness Things

Friday Faves: Skincare, Fur Coats, and Wellness Things

Happy Friday!!! I used to do a series on the blog called This Week's Top 10, but I honestly haven't done it in so long that I have a lot more to share today than just favorites from this week. Lately, I've been using so many products and doing so many things that I just really want to share, so I'm excited to finally sit down and talk about them! From skincare to new apartment things, podcasts, and more, here are my faves this Friday. 

Let's talk about the Mob Wife aesthetic. Yes, it's annoying of TikTok to create yet another micro-trend for us, but at least finally we have one I can get behind! You guys know how much I love a fur coat, and my family meatball recipe. Joe even made a lasagna a few weeks ago too (if you saw this tik tok clipped from the Giggly Squad (I laughed so hard), you know what I mean). Anyway, all of that to say, I can not get enough of the leopard fur coat I bought at the beginning of the year. 

Another thing I learned on TikTok? Our skincare sinks a lot deeper into our skin when our skin is damp or moist! I've always loved this mist, but now I especially love it to dampen my skin before applying my serums. The serums I use are simple, just this gentle retinol every night (very gentle and I've been using it for over a year; code FRANACCIARDO10 for 10% off), and this brightening serum in the morning. I absolutely love both of these serums, the brightening serum sets my skin up to look so glowy throughout the day, and the retinol helps with cell-turnover and anti-aging overnight.The mist (under $10) smells amazing (I love lavender), and I always feel like it does a little more for my skin than just water would. 

There are two more skincare-related items I'm quite obsessed with that I've been wanting to share. First up, I've been using this eye cream for about two months, and I can't get enough. I actually am not sure if it has done anything to reduce my dark circles, but it depuffs and hydrates quite well, and the packaging is GENIUS. Seriously, the applicator is pure brilliance and I know for a fact that is why I've been using it every. single. day for months... and I am not usually a consistent person with my skincare. It is so easy to pump out and roll on to apply, and because the applicator is a small metal ball, the product rolls on cold, which feels amazing.

Up next: botox in a box. We need to talk about Frownies, because wow. I received these during a holiday gift exchange with friends, and I was kind of hesitant to try them, but now I'm hooked. Ever since I turned 25, I've been hyper-aware of fine lines on my forehead. I've been considering Botox, but I really just don't want to start getting it. I tried these, and I am really blown away. Essentially, these are just patches you wear on your forehead overnight, that leave your skin firmer, smoother, and more youthful in the morning. I've worn them the last three nights in a row, and as I type this this morning, I can't really move my forehead! My fine lines are nonexistent in the morning, although they do reappear a little by the end of the day because I am an eyebrow-raiser. However, if I keep using these regularly (at least 1-2 nights each week), I won't need Botox for a long, long time. 

Honorary skincare mentions: this lip balm that's thick-but-not-too-thick that actually hydrates, this water-based moisturizer that feels incredible, and this subtle exfoliating cleanser.

Moving on, but still in the wellness sphere, I've been listening to The Skinny Confidential a bit more over the last few weeks. I absolutely love this podcast... every single episode has such tangible takeaways that really leave me feeling inspired. A few things I've taken away from recent episodes: I could really up my protein intake, I'm addicted to my phone/scrolling and waste a lot of time every day, I don't spend nearly enough time just thinking (every walk I go on I have a podcast or music going), and I'd love to start sauna-ing in 2024. This is a great episode to start with if you're new to the show!

I got this Lululemon set (top and leggings) for Christmas and love it!!! I love the shade of blue, the top is perfect for pilates, and the leggings have pockets! They're also a bit tighter than my usual aligns (and I sized up), which I actually really like for exercise purposes. Next up on my lulu wishlist: this jacket.

Finally, I am still loving ClassPass. I've been into running lately and enjoying Mile High Run Club classes, but also tried a hot yoga class last week, in addition to my usual pilates. I just love that I can try different workouts and studios all over with my membership. You can receive 20 free credits (a few free classes) with my link here!

I've semi-unintentionally done a no-buy January. I just didn't have any plans this month really, besides skiing, so I didn't need to buy anything. However, I am really excited to head to our new apartment (!!!) next week and start measuring so I can start buying furniture. This storage cabinet is the number one piece on my apartment wishlist.

Is anyone else on Pookie-tok? Lol, I love her outfits and her husband is adorable. I am in love with the fur cardigan she was wearing yesterday.

Similarly, do I need this pink puffer coat?

My favorite pajama set comes in the cutest pink heart print for Valentine's Day!!

The last thing I'll share - I can not get enough Molton Brown! I light this candle every single morning, and I also have the matching hand soap on my sink! A few months ago at an event, I was gifted this cologne that Joe has been wearing, and I can't begin to describe how good it smells. It just gives a clean, sexy man vibe... wow, drool. For myself, I've been wearing this scent of theirs a lot lately too, it's perfect for winter. 

FINALLY, I have not been loving that I have yet to finish a book this year!!! I started and was SO bored and disappointed by two books I was really excited about: All The Light We Cannot See, and The Heaven and Earth Grocery Store. Back to the Harry Potter series it is, I guess!

What have you been loving lately?


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  1. This was such a fun post! I was really looking forward to The Heaven and Earth Grocery store as well. I will have to see if I share similar thoughts as you


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