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October Favorites


October is always a favorite month for me. This October, I really tried to soak in a lot of my favorite fall things. I baked, had lots of pumpkin coffees, lit my fall candles, saw the Halloween decor, and even went out of the city this past weekend so I could wear cable knits and drive around listening to Folklore while enjoying the fall foliage. It was a really lovely month, mostly relaxing, with a bit of fun mixed in (I visited my besties in Chicago one weekend!). The weather was all over the place, but I always kind of love that. I'm looking forward to the Holidays coming up quickly, but before we get into all that, let's dive into my October favorites!


My recent outfits are linked on my LTK page here

My favorite thing I wore in October was probably these boots and this coat. I absolutely love both and I know that they will be staples for years and years to come. The boots are so comfortable and the perfect height and they are currently on sale for almost half the price! The coat has the chicest collar, and buttons, and is the most beautiful color. 

I didn't read a single book in September, and in October I read... half of one, oops. I started Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow and got about halfway through when I was just bored and knew there was a dark/sad trail of events coming that I wanted no part of. I never DNF books but honestly so glad I did with this one; a friend told me how it ended and there was no way I was going to make it through all of that.

If you're looking for some cozy fall reads, I've read quite a few over the last couple of years and my favorites are: The Great Alone, Eliza Starts a Rumor, Such a Fun Age, The Thousandth Floor, and Apples Never Fall!

I don't have many updates in this category since I did a pretty deep dive in September's Favorites post and have been sticking to that routine - shared again below. My skin continues to look and feel its best, which is something I am so grateful for. 

My favorite cleanser continues to be the Soy Face Cleanser from Fresh that I have been using since high school! I will add though that I love this balm for removing makeup/traveling. My Fresh cleanser actually removes makeup quite well, but I don't travel with it since I have the giant bottle (which is a great value - you only need a tiny amount so this size lasts me over a year!) 

Favorite serums: I have finally found some serums I love and have been sticking to them! I use this one from Versed first thing every morning. It has a lovely light scent and applies so easily; it works well for anti-aging and defending against free radicals. I apply first thing after rinsing my face with water since I don't usually cleanse in the AM, and follow with this Stri Vectin pore minimizing serum.

At night, I use the Deliverance serum by Dieux. I love this so much. It focuses on irritation, aging, and uneven tone, and the female-founded brand is just an inspiring powerhouse with gorgeous branding to boot. The serum also has three types of cannabinoids (CBD) in it which have potent antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory properties.

My favorite AM moisturizer continues to be this one with SPF from No7! Have been using it since the spring and it's just perfection.

Favorite PM moisturizers: I just ran out of this one from Plantkos, and I will definitely replace it when I'm out of my backups because it is so. good. It's a pump (which is rare I've found for moisturizers - and you'll notice all of my favorite skincare products come in a pump because anything else drives me crazy) and the formula is so light and smooth, yet hydrating. 

I've also been using this moisturizer at night when traveling and the gel-like formula is incredibly hydrating and surprisingly cooling! I honestly love both of these moisturizers equally and would recommend either very highly.

Glaze Berry Lip Oil // I can not say enough about how obsessed I am with this Lip Oil. I got it as a freebie at a beauty event a few months ago and I was immediately blown away by it. It's very smooth (not sticky) while being almost thick and jelly-like; a true glaze! The berry shade (#2) is gorgeous and perfect for fall. I wear it on top of other products, or alone, and it's pigmented enough without being too much. It has a lovely shine and feels hydrating as well!

I continue to love my T3 Micro Airebrush for my at-home blowouts. 

Ok... I was not initially the biggest Midnights fan, but it is growing on me. I think my favorites are Mastermind, Glitch, High Infidelity, and Would've Could've Should've, but it's still a little too soon for me to tell. I do know, however, that I need to see the Eras Tour!!!

Also, I continue to listen to this jazz playlist whenever I'm not listening to Taylor Swift or my personal fall playlist (which is more of a mix than TS all the time); perfect background music; I've been listening to this one for years.

I loved rewatching Gilmore Girls while working on blog things or relaxing, and having it on in the background while I cooked this past month. I am even considering starting Friends which I've never seen!

Also looking forward to the new season of the Crown coming out next week!

I'm back on ClassPassHere's my link for your first month free! I was on a huge Bodyrok kick this summer and for the past few months, and now I am trying to incorporate a Solidcore class once a week into my routine as well. I love Solidcore... it's definitely harder than Bodyrok; I like both for different moods.

In October, some of my favorite meals and treats in NYC included...

the ribs from my fave spot Pig & Khao
the savory pastry from Frenchette Bakery
the pumpkin pie iced latte from Laughing Man
the burger and dirty martini with goat cheese stuffed olives (!!!) from Jack & Charlie's

What were you loving in October?

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