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September Favorites

September Favorites

Let's bring back the monthly favorites post, shall we? Especially because I don't blog as often as I used to, I think this is a great way to make sure I'm still sharing the things I have truly been loving and consistently refreshing my new favorite things. 

September was a really fun month. Two weddings (a friend from high school, and my cousin's), Joe visiting for a concert, Emily O in town for Fashion Week, the ballet... it was such a full month.

I have soo many things to share from September, so let's dive right in!

My recent outfits are linked on my LTK page here

My favorite thing I wore in September was 100% this dress that I wore to my high school friend Ashley's wedding over Labor Day weekend. It is only available now in a few sizes, but everything from the brand is gorgeous. 

I didn't really get dressed in "normal" outfits too much in September, but I am feeling inspired for October. I just ordered this top, these boots, and this light coat, all of which I am so excited about.

So... I actually didn't read a single book in September. After getting back from Turkey in August I just simply wasn't in the mood! Last night I started Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow, which I'm excited about.

However, I read a dozen books this summer and my favorites were: American Dirt, Girls with Bright Futures, and The Love Hypothesis

Ok wow, do I have some updates in this category. My skin has really never looked or felt better, and I have so many lovely brands to thank for constantly sending over new, fabulous products for me to try. 

My favorite cleanser continues to be the Soy Face Cleanser from Fresh that I have been using since high school! I will add though that I love this balm for removing makeup/traveling. My Fresh cleanser actually removes makeup quite well, but I don't travel with it since I have the giant bottle (which is a great value - you only need a tiny amount so this size lasts me over a year!) 

Favorite serums: I rotate serums so often because I usually feel like they aren't doing anything, or something about the way they apply bothers me, but this one from Versed I continue to reach for in the AM. Has a lovely light scent and applies so easily. Works well for anti-aging and defending against free radicals. I apply it after cleansing and follow with this Stri Vectin pore minimizing serum, which I've only been using for a couple of weeks but so far am impressed with. 

Also, like three weeks ago I started using the Deliverance serum by Dieux at night and I love it. I can't speak too much about it yet, but I know I'm going to continue with it.

Favorite AM moisturizer: continues to be this one with SPF from No7! Have been using it since the spring and it's just perfection.

Favorite PM moisturizers: I really can't choose between this one from Cocokind and this one from Plantkos. If I had to pick, maybe the Plantkos, because it's a pump (Cocokind's is in a jar) and the formula is slightly lighter, so it's great year-round. It's also a bit smoother. 

However, I really, really love the Cocokind cream as well. It's also about 1/3 the price of the Plantkos moisturizer. Both are relatively light (I'm a hot sleeper so I hate using skincare products at night that don't immediately sink in) and just do exactly what I want my PM moisturizer to do: hydrate my face and make my skin feel incredibly soft when I wake up. 

I just ran out of both of them so literally as of last night I am trying this one- I will report back!

Similarly, I have a few products in this category that now I can't live without. 

SAIE Dew Blush in 'Chilly' // I've been using this since the middle of the summer when I was influenced to try it. Similar to the viral Rare beauty blush, you just need a tiny amount (it's super pigmented) and it blends out so well. It'll probably last me the next five years because of how much product there is and how little you need. I opted for the SAIE product over Rare really just because the shade Chilly is exactly what I wanted this summer, but I'm considering grabbing Dreamy for the fall/winter!

Glaze Berry Lip Oil // OMG. I am obsessed with this Lip Oil. I got it as a freebie at a beauty event and I was immediately blown away by it. It's very smooth (not sticky) while being almost thick and jelly-like; a true glaze! The berry shade (#2) is gorgeous and perfect for fall. I wear it on top of other products, or alone, and it's pigmented enough without being too much. It has a lovely shine and feels hydrating as well!

I continue to love my T3 Micro Airebrush for my at-home blowouts. 

This Taylor Swift fall playlist has been on repeat in my apartment. I shared a different one a couple of times on my IG story, but I've determined I like this one a little better. I am so happy it's fall and can't stop listening to all of my favorite folklore, evermore, and Lover songs. 

Also, I continue to listen to this jazz playlist whenever I'm not listening to Taylor Swift or my personal fall playlist (which is more of a mix than TS all the time); perfect background music; I've been listening to this one for years.

I continue to love Only Murders in the Building, but now that it's over, I'm watching Kardashians Season 2, Tell me Lies, and Gilmore Girls! Also patiently waiting for the second season of The Bear.

I'm back on ClassPass! Before I left for Turkey I signed up for a month of Bodyrok classes (my fave pilates studio here) so I could go almost every day, but now I'm back to 3 times/week and it's more affordable to do that through ClassPass. Here's my link for your first month free!

September was a month full of trying new restaurants in NYC! Some highlights include the stuffed croissant from Lafayette, breakfast at Barney Greengrass, dinner at MareaQuality Bistro, La Marchande at the Wall Street Hotel, and the reintroduction of pumpkin spice back into my life.

Joe and I went to the Mt. Joy concert at Pier 17 earlier in the month and it was the most incredible venue!

 I saw the Ballet on Friday with my friend Lauren and we absolutely loved it. I'd highly recommend it if you're in the city. It's so fun to dress up and the show itself was sensational.

What were you loving in September?

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