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This Week's Top 10: A little MDW Shopping...

This Week's Top 10: A little MDW Shopping... silk red and white pajamas

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Happy Friday! Before I dive into this post I want to share that earlier this morning I shared an entire post dedicated to ways to support gun violence in light of the shooting in Uvalde, Texas this week. If you have not yet read that post, you can find it here.

1. I got back to NYC on Monday evening after being in Madison for a week, St. Louis for a wedding weekend before that, and just shy of a week in Raleigh for Mother's Day before that! I am so happy to be back in the city and very excited that my besties Elizabeth and Coco are coming to the city tomorrow for MDW. Can't believe it's already summer! I'm looking forward to sunny, warm weather since last year was so rainy. I know we will have so much fun. After that, I head to Martha's Vineyard for a week and I can not wait to be back there. 

2. Before we dive in I also want to address the shooting in Buffalo that took place a few days before the Uvalde shooting. I hate that I have to write about more and more shootings, violence, and terrible events in our world constantly in these posts. I still had not stopped thinking of the people who were killed in the senseless grocery store shooting, even as another mass shooting occurred a few days later. One Buffalo victim's story, in particular, breaks my heart-- a 65-year-old single mother, Celestine Chaney, breast cancer survivor, and single mother, had stopped at the store for strawberries for a shortcake she was going to make that night when she was shot and killed. If that doesn't just break your heart and urge you to support against gun violence...

 Praying for all of those killed, their loved ones, and families impacted by this shooting in Buffalo, Uvalde, and more. It's just terrible and beyond sad. 

Up next, I want to cover a few things that have been recurring Q's in my DM's: 

2. I recently shared about my Delta Amex on my IG stories; it is truly the best thing I did last year! Since I travel so much, I wanted a travel credit card, and the perks of this one have been amazing. I rarely pay for flights since every dollar I spend builds my miles, and all of the Delta perks (like free checked bags, free flight changes, upgrades, and more) have made my travel life so much easier, less expensive, and more enjoyable. I am always changing my flights and it's so stress free. Honestly couldn't recommend this card more. Right now you can get 70,000 free bonus miles (that's like 2-3 free domestic round-trip flights!) if you sign up here!

3. Here is a link to my AC unit! As I mentioned on IG stories, it's a quiet AC unit because it allows for the window to shut between the two parts of the unit (the loud part is outside the window) and it's a much more aesthetic unit than the gross, old type with the accordion sides that accumulate dust and dirt. It's on sale right now and I am so, so happy with mine, so I'd highly recommend it if you're in the market for an AC unit!

4. Here is a link to the outfit I wore to Joe's bestie's wedding two weekends ago! This dress is flattering and could not be more comfortable-- I also just noticed it's 30% off right now! I also feel like the color is unique, and depending on how you style the dress, it could work for anything from a nice dinner to a beach vacation, to a wedding guest dress like how I wore it! 

My shoes are also very comfortable, and this clutch is fabulous, unique, and under $100. 

Ok moving on!

5. I wore this beautiful blouse to lunch at Bergdorf's this week and I just know it's going to be a favorite in my closet for years to come! It's gorgeous, comfortable, and high quality. I got my usual size 6 which is a 38 at Sezane, but if you're in between, I'd recommend sizing down, it's pretty roomy!

I also just ordered this top and I love this one as well!

6. I used my Manucurist at home gel kit this week and I love it! I love how easy it is to do an at-home gel mani with this product, and how much more affordable and quick it is compared to a salon manicure. You can use my code MANUCURISTFRAN for 15% off! I used the color "Coral Reef" this week and its fab. 

7. Let's talk SALES -- the MDW sales right now are SO good! This sale in particular has so many amazing finds, especially for designer pieces at a great deal. 

I am quaking over this rattan Cult Gaia bag that is 40% off, and under $250 now! I love CG and this bag is really, really tempting me, especially at this price. 

If I had a summer wedding or bougie vacation coming up, I would without a doubt be snagging this unique dress (especially the blue colorway, I can't) or this dress. Both are insanely fabulous. Unwell. 

These sandals couldn't look comfier!

Could this bikini be more fabulous and fun?! Looks very flattering too. Top here and bottoms here. The shell detail is everything.

This linen cutout maxi dress comes in both white and pink, and I'm tempted. Love this brand. -- This one is similar and a bit less expensive; I'm obsessed with the back!!

Ok just a few more honorable mentions: are these the perfect jeans?, a perfect midi skirt for summer, this button-front mini dress is adorable, the pink acrylic clutch of my dreams....

8. J. Crew is doing 30% off your purchase and an extra 60% off sale with code SUMMER! Their collections have been so cute lately.

I recently got this linen top and I love it! (would suggest sizing down)

 Also love this linen romper (adorable), this halter top, this perfect tie-back white dress for summer, and more: 

9. Lastly, I always love the Shopbop sale section around this time! So many great deals on fun, high-quality finds. 

10. Hope everyone has a safe and lovely Memorial Day Weekend,


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