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This Week's Top 10: Life Updates & my shopping spree...

This Week's Top 10: Life Updates & my shopping spree... jacquemus shorts pink top
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1. This week has flown by! I hung out with a few friends and enjoyed the warmer, sunny weather, and all of a sudden it's Friday! On Thursday I am flying to Chicago to celebrate my best friend Elizabeth's birthday, and from there it will be five back-to-back busy travel weekends for me (Mother's Day, a wedding, and more...), so I'm looking forward to a lowkey weekend this weekend. 

2. Tonight I am going to pilates and then making dinner / having a virtual date with Joe (enchiladas!) and reading my new book, and then tomorrow all I have planned are a few errands and tennis with a friend. I am looking forward to relaxing since this is my only "free" weekend until mid-June (OMG) and the past two weekends were busy too (with Joe visiting and then Easter)

3. Before we jump into the details of my shopping spree this week, I need to share that I finally upgraded from my Revlon blowdry brush to the T3 Airebrush duo (on sale for 25% here) this week. I was beyond blown away (pun intended ;) by the results... 

I will do a full review soon but the Revlon (which I've been using for about two years) has damaged my hair over time (despite using heat protectant and only using about 2x a week) and just hasn't been giving me the results I want lately. The T3 has incredible customization options and different paddles you can switch in and out, and it is at a great mid-price point. If you're looking for an affordable option the Revlon is only $35 and for that reason I still would reccommend it, but I personally think the T3 Airebrush duo (on sale for 25% here) is amazing and worth it if you are looking for a bit more elevated of an experience and want to maintain healthier hair long-term.

4. To celebrate Elizabeth's birthday next weekend, a bunch of our girlfriends are heading to Chicago and doing a fun/fancy dinner and going out. I honestly haven't had a "fancy" girls night out in forever, maybe since Coco and Elizabeth visited me in NYC (just because I don't really go out in NYC when I don't have visitors). I am so, so excited and I have spent the entire week this week planning my outfits. 

The highlight: I ordered these pink platforms (super similar option for half the price here) and these black platforms (just because the black was sold out in my size for the other pair) and I absolutely love them. Just going to pick a pair based on the outfit I go with!

5. I also just ordered a ton of pieces to revamp my spring wardrobe, including a few pairs of Abercrombie jeans and jean shorts last week during the sale. Very excited about this top and this top I ordered too. I have heard incredible things about Abercrombie since their rebrand, so I am super excited to try everythhing out and will share all of my thoughts when they come in!

6. I was influenced by Paloma to get this J. Crew top. It just came in this morning and it's going to be perfect for summer. I got the "flax" color in a size small (I almost always size down at J. Crew)

7. I am heading to a wedding in a couple of weeks and this week I published a blog post full of dresses (and shoes!) that I would personally wear as a wedding guest, taking into consideration price, ability to wear more than once, and more. I ordered this one from Moda Operandi and it just came in this morning... it's perfect. Check out the blog post here!

8. Also ordered these rope heels to go with the dress! (also love these but they are slight too tall for me I think, and love these too but I think they're too summery for a spring wedding- the rope is already cutting it close!)

9. This morning I spotted this pretty yellow dress on major sale and ordered it as an option for the rehearsal dinner!

10. Outside of shopping related items I just need to share that I discovered Katie Sands wedding feature on Brides this week and it is EVERYTHING. All of her looks (from the dress to her hair and accessories) were perfection. 

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

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