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This Week's Top 10: Life Updates, Art, & more!

fran acciardo french girl style stripes this week's top 10

1. Helloooo! Ok, I have so many updates for you... this week just flew by for me! Of course, Valentine's Day was on Monday, but after that, I had a few fun things planned, like a dinner for a new brand on Tuesday, book club on Wednesday, and pilates yesterday (which I'd missed since I hadn't been in so long!). Joe visisted me last weekend for Valetine's Day and left on Monday morning, so we celebrated Valentine's Day Saturday night! I am planning to write a full recap of our weekend because it was just so fun. 

2. The brand dinner I went to was for Den XYZ, a new home brand with a highly curated selection of home decor, art, and more. The dinner was very small (just 6-7 of us) and I really enjoyed it! I don't get invited to that man influencer events, so I was so grateful and excited to be included. The dinner was at the founder's gorgeous apartment, she cooked for us, and it was such a cozy, unique way to be introduced to a new brand. It definitely had me inspired to finish up decorating my apartment after living here for almost a year!

3. On Sunday I am heading to Dallas for 10 days! My dad lives in Dallas and he just had foot surgery (he's fine!) so I'm mostly heading there to help him out, but I'm also really looking forward to the warmer weather, exploring Dallas, and hanging out with him! I'm excited to cook and go for a bike ride and try new workout classes... I just think it'll be a nice change of pace! If you have any Dallas recs, I'm all ears! I think we might be going to a jazz concert next Saturday which sounds so fun to me. 

4. Speaking of that! I am really trying to find a piece of art for above my couch... I feel like nothing is speaking to me except this, but I just can't commit to that haha. What do we think of this

5. This print is SO me. I need it. Not for above the couch but definitely would love to have this framed elsewhere in my apartment. (also love so many of CRC's matchbooks... would love a few more art pieces near my bar cart area!)

6. Ok moving on -- I really love these shoes for spring! They're not what I'd usually go for but I'm just obsessed.

7. I need a trench coat! It's time. This one is affordable and looks perfect!

8. I've been wanting some more cute matching sets for workouts, and for walks, especially now that the weather is getting a bit warmer. I just ordered this one... super affordable, love the color, and has great reviews! I really want this pink set but it's sold out :( 

9. A random, fabulous find: this scalloped raffia tray, under $50, that all of our coffee tables could use!

10. In just over two weeks, I will be celebrating 10 years of blogging!!! I can not believe it. I started this blog when I was 13, and although the industry has changed tremendously since my start (there was no industry when I started!), it still makes me so excited to share my life with all of you, and I don't know where I'd be now had I not started this blog one day after school in eighth grade. 

If you are not yet following me on IG, please do so! I'd love to hit 10K by the 10-year mark :) 


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