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This Week's Top 10: Ukraine, Home Finds, and more

1. Happy Friday! It feels almost wrong to write that given everything going on in our world as of yesterday morning... for the latest updates on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, I've found CNN's updates to be easy to understand and very up-to-date. As we all pray for peace and safety for Ukranians, my friend Sasha (whose parents emmigrated from Ukraine) share this non-profit that we can donnate to. 

2. In brighter news, I feel like I have so many updates to share! First off, a huge thank you to all of you who are following along here on the blog and on Instagram! I was so excited to wake up to 10,000 of you yesterday morning <3

3. If you've been following on IG, you've probably seen that I have been on a bit of an interior design inspiration kick lately. It all started with this Brooklyn apartment tour! (pictured above)

4. Since being in Dallas, I've tried two pilates studios and I'm heading to a third tonight! I sign up for my classes through ClassPass and being able to workout wherever I am is truly my favorite thing about ClassPass! I pay the same amount every month whether I'm in NYC, Madison, Dallas, or any other city, and I can try classes from any participating studio... it's just such a no brainer! It's nice too even when I am in one place and I have the option to mix up my workouts, or stick to the same studio. If you want to sign up to try ClassPass, you can get your first month free through my referral link, and I'll get a few extra credits, too!

5. I finished Eliza Starts a Rumor yesterday and I really enjoyed it! It was just a light, cute book, and I hadn't read one of those in a while. It reminded me that I really want to get back to reading lighter books... I've been reading a lot of serious/sad or just darker books lately and I think it's starting to get to me!

6. While online shopping this week, I discovered this super cool candle company and I think I'm going to order either this one (25% off this weekend!) or this one! The notes and descriptions sound amazing and the candles themselves are unlike anything I've seen... anything iridescent is an immediately yes from me!

7. This small business makes the cheekiest, most fabulous needlepoint pillows! Love this one and this one. I'm usually not a huge needlepoint girly but I can get down with these.

8. I saw this Tik Tok and I immediately need to recreate this pink Hailey Bieber athleisure look: sweatshirt (in raspberry) + biker shorts + white sneakers + ribbed socks

9. This under $40 dress is perfect for spring!

10. I hope you all have a lovely, safe weekend. Again, praying for safety and peace in Ukraine, and for anyone impacted by the senseless violence and destruction caused by Russia. 


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