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Fun Home Decor Finds

fran acciardo fun home decor finds tiggy ticehurst

Can you believe I've lived in NYC for almost a full year?! The time has truly flown by. I am SO excited to share that a couple of months ago I was able to renew my lease and I'll be staying in my apartment for another year. I am absolutely thrilled because I love my apartment, and it's truly an amazing deal for what it is (wonderful location, natural light, dishwasher, decent size for an NYC apartment, molding on the walls lol). Rent prices are crazy in the city right now, and I feel grateful that my rent, which was already a great deal because I moved during Covid, was raised only 10%. I was honestly so worried it would be raised up to the pre-pandemic price, which was like $1200 more than my current monthly rent. Thankfully, that did not happen, and I am thrilled to be staying in my apartment for another year.

That being said, I want to really "finish" decorating my apartment this year. I have lived here for 10ish months and I have not hung a single piece of art! I still have boxes and bins smushed into some corners too... it's just pretty incomplete, and I have a vision for how I want to take it to the next level.

I've recently found a ton of fun little home decor pieces that I think really make a difference in finishing up a space, and I wanted to share them with all of you!

prada print // candlesticks // pink candle holder (i received this for Christmas and it looks so chic) // 

dana gibson print

pink velvet lumbar pillow // upholstered bench // lampshade 

greco disco book

wavy headboard // poodle salt & pepper shakers (i have these and think they're just the cutest things)

squiggle pillow // ripple table lamp

matchbook print // pink vase // daisy pillar candle // lucite connect four


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