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The Best Sales This Weekend

black friday bow heels fran acciardo

Who's ready to do a little damage?! I've rounded up all of my favorite Black Friday sales below. I'll be updating this throughout the day/weekend with any other sales or marked-down products that I come across! Happy shopping!

If you'd prefer to browse all products rather than shop by brand, all products on sale have been updated on the shop page here!

What I'm Grateful For

what i'm grateful for fran acciardo thanksgiving 2021

Hello, hello! I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving yesterday surrounded by loved ones and delicious food! I am in Boston with my dad's side of the family and we had a really nice, lowkey Thanksgiving day yesterday. My brother, aunt, and I ran the Turkey Trot in the morning, and then we just cooked all day, had our feast, and then went over to my cousins' house for dessert and games! We played lots of Scrabble, which of course I couldn't have been happier about, and overall it was just a really nice day with family.

Gift Guide: Mom

gift guide for mom gift ideas fran acciardo holiday 2021

Welcome to the Gift Guide for Mom! I find this particular gift guide to be one of the more challenging to put together, because everyone's mom is unique, and it can be hard to think of something she will use and love that she doesn't already have. After asking my own mom for help on this gift guide, and of course, putting Elizabeth to work, too (kidding, kind of ;) I ended up creating this versatile assortment of gifts I think could be great for any mom! I am very happy with how this turned out; I hope you love it too. 

This Week's Top 10: My Weekend, New Fave Cocktail, NYC Holiday Vibes

nyc holiday fran acciardo upper east side pink christmas

1. Happy Sunday!! I missed posting this yesterday because I had a bit of a crazy night on Thursday and simply couldn't do anything on Friday, and then yesterday I wrote this and just forgot to hit publish! Thursday was totally worth it though- I had dinner with two of my aunts and then went to the Bergdorf Holiday Party which was fabulous; The Rockettes put on a show, the Veuve was flowing, I chatted with Linda Fargo, and got a photo with Julianne Moore! #dreamscometrue -- see my TikTok of the night here!

2.  One of my favorite things to do in the city is spend a Saturday alone, so yesterday I made a few plans for myself, which included visiting The Met for the first time! I had such a lovely day. The Lexicon of Fashion exhibit was absolutely fabulous!

3. The new Adele album is, as we all expected, incredible. If you haven't listened yet, you must!

Currently Obsessed

fran acciardo currently obsessed holiday attire holiday party outfit inspiration 2021

Taking a brief break from the gift guides to share some pretty things I've recently found. All of these products have been added to the shop page already, but (1) I feel like the shop page is often overlooked/forgotten about, and (2) these things are really too good not to draw a little extra attention to. 

In case you missed any of the gift guides, you can find them here: 

Gift Guide Under $50 

Gift Guide for the Girl who has Everything

Gift Guide for the Recent Grad / Young Professional

My & My Friends' Wishlists

Gift Guide: My Friend's and My Wishlists!

Fran Acciardo Gift Guide: My Christmas Wishlist and My Friend's Wishlists!

Each year one of my most popular gift guides is my personal wishlist. However, every year my wishlist gets smaller and smaller. As I've gotten older, my family doesn't do many Christmas gifts as we used to, which is totally fine, but it just makes for a less interesting wishlist of mine, haha. So, this year I decided to mix things up and make this gift guide way more fun by asking all of my friends what's on their wishlist and sharing those gift ideas as well! 

I love how this turned out because gift-giving really is so personal (after all, that's what makes for a thoughtful, "successful" gift) and I thought giving some ideas from a variety of 23-year-old girls could make things much easier for any of you thinking of something for your own wishlist.

Gift Guide for the Recent Grad / Young Professional

fran acciardo Gift Guide for the Recent Grad / gift ideas for the Young Professional

Welcome to the Gift Guide for the Recent Grad / Young Professional! I love these gift ideas for anyone who has recently graduated college, moved into their first apartment, or is just living life in their twenties- the ideas are practical yet fun to receive! And let's be honest, as we get a little older, sometimes the practical gifts are what we really want the most!

Stay tuned because tomorrow I am sharing my personal wishlist, alongside the wishlist of each of my closest friends! I am *so* excited to share what I've put together for that :) 

This Week's Top 10

fran acciardo this week's top 10 jeans and black booties

 1. Happy Red day!!! I have been listening to the album alll day, which of course, includes the 10-minute version of All Too Well! Have you listened yet?! This song from the vault is my favorite so far.

2. OMG- I watched Cruella this week (on Disney plus) and it was seriously amazing. Like, might be one of my favorite movies of all time. If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it.

3. I am actually freaking out over Anthro's sparkly holiday party collection.

This sparkly dress and this bow dress-- both incredible.

Two pairs of perfect pink shoes: these little heels and these beautiful (yet under $100?!) bow ballet falts

Gift Guide for the Girl who has Everything

Fran Acciardo 2021 gift guide for the girl who has everything

Year after year, the Gift Guide for the Girl who has Everything is one of my favorites. It is so fun to make; Elizabeth and I started making these together sophomore year of college when we first lived together, and every year we have so much fun shopping together to create a fun, girly, luxurious assortment of gifts at every price point. 

On Thursday night I flew into MKE and stayed with Elizabeth. We were heading up north Wisconsin after work on Friday to celebrate (I surprised) our best friend Celia's birthday at her cabin. Since we both had slow WFH days on Friday, we online shopped together for this gift guide, which really brought me back to our college roomie days. I love the gifts we were able to find, and I hope you're able to find something you love on here for yourself, or for the girl in your life who has everything!

This Week's Top 10

this week's top 10 fran acciardo dog drinking coffee latte

1. Happy Friday! This week was a fun one on the blog- if you haven't seen it already, I published the November Moodboard, as well as a blog post sharing where everything in my apartment is from, and perhaps the most exciting: the first gift guide of the year, gifts under $50!

2. I just finished reading Golden Girl, Elin Hilderbrand's newest novel, this week and I started It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover last night! Golden Girl was good, but I've definitely read other Elin Hilderbrand novels that I preferred more... like The Matchmaker, Silver Girl, and The Blue Bistro (which was her first-ever novel- I read it most recently and loved it)

3. I am *so* glad I did RTR this month! I have not stopped wearing this cute checked pullover and this little black bucket bag. I am also very excited that it's now cold enough to wear this fabulous printed puffer coat I rented too!

Where Everything in my Apartment is From

fran acciardo nyc apartment one bedroom soho new york manhattan

Helloooo! Wow this is a long overdue post. My friend Sammy recently DM'd me on Instagram asking where some things in my apartment are from, and I realized I never did a consolidated post of everything. I've lived here for seven months and the apartment is probably halfway done, so I kept putting off documenting the progress that I have made. I have ideas of other things I really want to do, but I'm not sure I'll commit to them until I know if I can renew my lease... so for now, here's a roundup of everything in my apartment so far!

Gift Guide Under $50: Work Secret Santa, Stocking Stuffers & More

fran acciardo gift guide christmas gift ideas under $50 work secret santa stocking stuffers budget gifts

The first Gift Guide of the 2021 Holiday season is here!!! I like to do the Under $50 gift guide first because I think it's great for anyone who's planning ahead a smaller gift for maybe a work secret Santa, friend group gift exchange, or anything similar where you need to secure a gift earlier in the season. Of course, this gift guide is great for anyone on a budget too, or if you're just shopping for someone who you want to gift-give something under $50!

The gift guides are starting earlier this year due to shipping/product delays as a result of Covid. I am working to get up gift guides earlier this year for you so you have ample time to pick out things for your loved ones before it's too late! Also- thank you for all of the very helpful feedback on my IG story last night with gift guide suggestions. I am excited about creating all of these for you!

November Moodboard (Desktop & iPhone Wallpaper)

fran acciardo November 2021 mood board fall desktop wallpaper iphone wallpaper autumn thanksgiving burgundy moody aesthetic download

For once I actually feel really at peace with the new month... usually, I feel like the previous month just flew by and I am unprepared for the next one. Now that it's November, though, I feel like I'm in a good spot and I am looking forward to spending time with friends and family this month, wearing sweaters, and doing cozy, relaxing things. 

This past weekend was a pretty wild and packed one, which I don't have much of anymore! I loved every minute of it. Joe was in town, we went to the Nets game, we dressed up and went to a Halloween party with my friends on Saturday, and we watched the Halloween parade Sunday night in West Village. We explored a new part of town, ate delicious things, and just had fun! Feeling very grateful and happy with my life as we head into this month celebrating gratitude, thankfulness, and coziness.

Please enjoy this month's mood board and tag me if you make this your desktop or phone wallpaper, it brightens my day more than you know!