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Gift Guide: My Friend's and My Wishlists!

Fran Acciardo Gift Guide: My Christmas Wishlist and My Friend's Wishlists!

Each year one of my most popular gift guides is my personal wishlist. However, every year my wishlist gets smaller and smaller. As I've gotten older, my family doesn't do many Christmas gifts as we used to, which is totally fine, but it just makes for a less interesting wishlist of mine, haha. So, this year I decided to mix things up and make this gift guide way more fun by asking all of my friends what's on their wishlist and sharing those gift ideas as well! 

I love how this turned out because gift-giving really is so personal (after all, that's what makes for a thoughtful, "successful" gift) and I thought giving some ideas from a variety of 23-year-old girls could make things much easier for any of you thinking of something for your own wishlist.

My Wishlist

1. Saint Laurent 422 Sunglasses - I tried these on at Bloomingdales this summer and have not stopped thinking about them since. 

2. Margaux Ballet Flats - I have been wanting a pair of Margaux flats for a while now! If I'm being practical I'd probably say I want the navy pair, but why am I so in love with the red?! Just too cute. 

3. Massage or Facial Gift Card - Ever since I had my first massage a couple of months ago, I've been wanting another one... it was just such a treat! I'd love to have a facial, too, especially before my aunt's wedding in January.

My Friend's Wishlists

EJ - Boy Smells Cowboy Kush Candle 

EJ - Platform UGG Slippers

Liz - Monogrammed Card Holder - Love this idea! This option is so cute and under $30. I have something similar and have been using it for years. Also, love this pouch option if you want a bit more "storage."

Liz - French Press - I love my French Press. I think this orange one is adorable, but if you're looking for a classic one, this option is very similar to mine. I've been using it for over a year and I just think the French Press is a wonderful way to make your coffee.

Anna - Dyson Air Wrap - Ugh.. a dream! I have heard (and seen) amazing things about this and I am sure most of you have too! It is pretty expensive for a hair tool, but I've heard many people think it's worth it. If it's been on your mind, now would be a perfect time to ask for it!

Caro - Skims cozy set (top here, bottoms here) & robe - dreammyyy

Abby - Skincare Fridge - I think this is adorable! I put this one on the gift guide (under $100 and comes in three cute colors) but here are a few more options at other price points: (1) luxurious, (2) pink, (3) under $50

Abby - Perfume Discovery Set - I think this is always a gift you can't go wrong with; it's fun to receive because who doesn't love trying a new perfume? I put this one in particular on the gift guide because Coco wears Replica By The Fireplace, it smells amazing, and I've heard great things about the brand's other scents too. Sephora has so many options tho, of sets with various brands, clean brands only, etc. 

Celia - Cashmere beanie, also love this style with the little pom pom

Celia - Beachwaver hair curler

Coco - Tulum Coffee Table Book

Coco - Moon Boots - I think these are so cute, I almost want to ask for a pair now myself! Coco is specifically asking for this pair! I love this pair as well.

Lauren (and me) Ugg Minis - I just think these are adorable. I have no idea where my UGGs went since I've moved, so I'd love a new pair!

Lauren - Lauren gave me quite a few other good ideas, including a NespressoAir Pod Pros, and a Juicer.

Kristen - Running Shoes - I just recently got this pair of Hoka's, and I am very happy with them!

I hope you found this helpful and enjoyed this gift guide as much as I enjoyed putting it together!

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